Enhancing Business Capabilities with enreap

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In the world of technology, change is the only constant. While we, since our inception, have driven continuous efforts in strengthening our technology capabilities, revamping our business models, and improving how we engage with our customers and build tailored solutions, we have recently made our biggest leap (yet). 


Addteq APAC is now enreap, and it’s not just a simple re-christening. With enreap, we are all set to drive a sharper strategic focus and be a global leader in ALM, DevOps, and Digital Services. 


A Bigger Brand

Over the past couple of years, we have experienced 35%+ YoY growth and more than doubled our headcount. Our new name re-emphasizes our core value proposition of driving business value by leveraging a combination of cutting-edge technology and deep domain expertise. 


Why did we choose the name “enreap”? The name enreap is derived from two components, “en” and “reap” where “en” denotes an association that envisions, enhances, enables, and energizes, and “reap” signifies the business value realization for our customers.


Why did we decide to rebrand ourselves? As digital transformation becomes a new urgent priority for businesses worldwide, we realized the need to expand our capabilities with new service offerings, new solutions, and new partnerships. While every year has been a learning experience, 2022 has been a crucial point in the evolution of our organization. 


Improved offerings 

Having been one of the most trusted partners for Atlassian in India and Southeast Asia, we have served over 300 customers and developed competencies that help organizations achieve enterprise agility with DevOps and ALM. We use frameworks and tools that orchestrate and optimize IT projects and operations, helping our clients achieve operational delivery excellence.


With enreap, we are strengthening the two pillars of success: productivity and optimization. While we continue to offer the established range of strategic services for your business, we now also focus on creating a technology-enabled operation plan to help enterprises achieve a sustainable competitive edge. Today, our offerings include: 

  • DevOps Consulting Services to enable fast-paced development and better time-to-market 
  • Atlassian Consulting Services to accelerate business transformation through the implementation of leading Atlassian products like Jira, Bitbucket, Trello, and Confluence 
  • AWS Services to build and run various cutting-edge digital applications without any up-front costs
  • Digital Transformation Services to enable businesses to become customer-centric by empowering them with advanced digital capabilities
  • Monday.com Services to tailor business processes to specific requirements and improve team alignment, efficiency, and productivity



Wider Partnerships

Along with new service offerings, enreap has also formed new partnerships and now works with large-scale enterprises on their transformation initiatives while also helping them set up Offshore Development Centers. 


While we continue to be an Atlassian Platinum partner, we also now work in collaboration with principals like Monday.com, Micro Focus, JetBrains, Planview, and JFrog which set our services apart from the competition. 

  • As an Atlassian Platinum Partner, we offer a range of Consulting, Deployment, License Management, Migration, Training, and Managed Services. 
  • Using Planview’s robust suite of products, we will help organizations improve their time to market, increase efficiency, and quickly realize their strategic initiatives.
  • Being a Preferred JetBrains Partner allows us to provide quality support across the entire JetBrains portfolio of products. 
  • As a Monday.com partner in India, we help in building and optimizing daily workflows with simple drag-and-drop building blocks, so teams can move fast and adapt at the speed of business. 
  • As a jFrog partner, we help enterprises leverage its power to  fully streamline their software release process by effectively managing their binaries


Presence in Multiple Countries

Today, we aren’t just focusing our efforts on the APAC region. As a part of our expansion plans, we have expanded our operations internationally and set up bases in Singapore and Dubai. This growth reflects the maturing adoption and optimization of emerging technologies, and we have, henceforth hired highly experienced professionals locally to lead these new geographies and business units toward delivering greater value to clients. 


By enabling DevOps and SRE principles across multiple geographies, enreap is committed to helping ensure the success of digital transformation strategies. Using frameworks and tools that orchestrate and optimize Software Delivery and IT Projects and Operations, we help our clients do DevOps and ALM better and realize greater returns on their investments. 


Newer and More Experienced Leadership 

As a company that enables enterprises to reap sustainable and tangible benefits from technology adoption, we also now have a newer and more experienced leadership. Following the diversification of service areas, we have now transformed into a more purpose-driven, and trusted partner. 


With our new leadership in tow, we are now taking the opportunity to evolve ourselves to improve overall company perception with this transition as well as help businesses ensure the success of their digital efforts through the adoption of better tools, processes, and outlook. 


A New Name, a New Look, but the Same Commitment! 

With growth fuelled by new enterprise offerings, expansion into international markets, and thought leadership in ALM and DevOps, we have come a long way! When we look back at our past performance and our future plans, we realize it is time for us to adopt a new name that reflects our focus and aspirations. 


While we will continue to offer the existing range of products and services, we will also be integrating new offerings, forging new partnerships, and expanding to new markets. With all these changes, we are committed to expanding our portfolio to address the evolving needs of our customers, drive optimum productivity, and drive long-term business value realization via technology investments.


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