Atlassian Cloud Migration Services

Enreap can effectively guide your company through the whole cloud migration lifecycle. With more than 9 years of experience, we can help increase your ROI by almost 360%.

Our Atlassian Cloud Migration Approach

Right from workflow configuration and automation to expert analysis, installation, data migration, and integration, you can easily and seamlessly move your organization to the cloud using our implementation services.

Our Atlassian Cloud Migration Approach

We have a comprehensive plan of action to deliver what we promise you. Understanding that the Atlassian cloud migration process is crucial to your business, we run a deep analysis of your operations as well as our strategy before actually implementing it. Hence, we give an outlook on your infrastructure coupled with our expertise, for you to decide how you want to do it. To design and deploy the most secure, efficient, and effective cloud migration.


Our experts will identify, define and confirm the scope of Atlassian cloud migration for your business. We will also highlight the areas that will need further analysis so that your on-going operations are not disturbed.


Every business has some unique management requirements. That is why before coming up with any action we believe in evaluating your existing business environment for a unique network, server, and system needs and requirements.


After ensuring that our development process is aligned with your business needs, we will further analyze if there are any other data clean-ups or complexity reducing tasks we can perform.


Translates analysis phase results into a set of steps to execute the Atlassian Cloud migration, then tests and iterates until ready in the development.


Testing is the confirmation phase of the Atlassian Cloud migration process, when the stakeholders and all the associates give their approval to the whole process only then do we validate the business.


This signifies the final stage of the process. Successful completion of Atlassian cloud migration is the transfer of all your applications and processes to Atlassian Cloud where it is further operated and cross-checked for the density of it.

New to Atlassian?

If you're new to Atlassian, we offer tailored consultancy services to get you set up exactly as you require. Take a look at our Installation and Configuration services, or schedule a free initial 30-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Already up and running?

Already up and running, but think you could get more out of your instances? Take a look at our Extending and Optimising your Stack sections, or click below to schedule a free initial 30-minute consultation with one of our experts.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant

Our Cloud Migration Assistants guide you through the cloud migration process. These application are installed in your server instance and help identify problems before you migrate.

Atlassian Cloud Migration Assistant

Our Cloud Migration Assistants guide you through the cloud migration process. These application are installed in your server instance and help identify problems before you migrate.

Assess Confluence, Jira apps in the assistant to perpare for the migration

Can be used to merge data in cloud

You can choose the projects to be migrated

Easy to use interface

Migration of data in stages is possible

Migrate users managed by external directories

Looking to optimize your cloud efficiency?

Atlassian Cloud Features

Create, collaborate and organize all your work in one place

Atlassian Cloud Features

Create, collaborate and organize all your work in one place

Enhanced Security

Inbuild seccurity advisor to notify you when the security bugs are discovered with added security control

Privacy Control

With a cloud platform, the Altassian customers will have peace of mind because the platform is inbuild with privacy principles

Compliance Coverage

Compliance is a crucial asset for the companies and the Altassian cloud meets the global compliance requirements

Unified Governance

You can manage all your Atlassian, you can manage all your Atlassian products users under a centrialized administrator.

Seamless Upgrades

With Atlassian cloud hassle-free feature you can enjoy seamless upgrade and maintenance with 99.9% of uptime

Why Choose Enreap?

Addteq delivers proactive and adaptable support for your Atlassian apps that are vital to your business. Depending on your organization's needs, our skilled business advisors are ready for local help 8-5 or worldwide support 24/7.


At Enreap, we believe in making your work as easy and manageable as possible. We find the most adept applications suitable for your business to help your teams in sharing and finding relevant knowledge more easily and effectively.


We hold more than 100 certifications and great expertise in Atlassian Data Centre Migration Services. We will use the robust Atlassian suite to secure the best results for you.

Platinum Partner

Our certified Atlassian developers and technical experts will provide assistance with the most basic as well as the most advanced operations alike. They will provide you with the most exclusive Atlassian deployment experience.

Global Trust

Most of the world’s largest corporations have put their faith in our extensive Atlassian program. We will help you in achieving maximum efficiency.

End-to-End Solutions

Our well-versed knowledge and experience will allow us to effectively manage your growing Atlassian cloud with ease. We will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition without compromising on the quality of the operation.

Consulting Approach

We provide comprehensive Atlassian architectures designed just for you. We make sure that these Atlassian infrastructures are tailored specifically for your business, taking care of all your day-to-day needs.

Our Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

Case Study

Saving Cost and Time with Jira Software

A customized ‘6-Step’ cloud migration process to help the entire team at ‘Extra’ become more secure and productive.

Case Study

Revamping ITIL strategies with JSM

Subex – A leading telecom solutions provider revamped their ITIL practices for a better customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Setting up Independent ALM & DevOps

Demerging with Pearson group and setting up an independent ALM & DevOps infrastructure as well as tech support.

Case Study

Increase in Productivity Using Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation of GMobis by moving to Agile Technologies

Case Study

Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Download this Case Study to know how the seamless transition to the new environment ensured no loss of productivity

Case Study

Implementation of JIRA Service Desk

Download this Case Study to know how we Gave Subex management real-time visibility into team productivity

Case Study

Integration of ALM and DevOps

Download this Case Study to know how we implemented Confluence, JIRA Software, Zephyr

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

Enreap is an Atlassian partner in India, Singapore & Dubai. Our experienced team has successfully delivered more than 100+ Atlassian Cloud migrations, we have the experience to achieve your unique requirements.

When you transition to Atlassian Cloud, you'll gain more cutting-edge new capabilities, increased security and dependability, and simpler management. Get a short discovery report from our consultant for a better value proposition.

With Cloud, you'll always be aware of the most recent product features, but with Data Center, feature development will be concentrated on meeting the most pressing requirements of enterprises that are unable to shift to Cloud. Performance and scale, security and compliance, and infrastructure and operation make up these crucial requirements.

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