JIRA Align

Only using strategy won't work! You require proper implementation. Naturally, you will notice a lot of improvement in your execution if Jira Align is working with you. Your whole teamwork will align with one another, and your collaborative status will unquestionably enhance.

Jira Align Features

Jira Align connects your business strategy to technical execution

Jira Align Features

Jira Align connects your business strategy to technical executi

Align and Optimize

Optimize and streamline your work processes. Avoid stumbling in your workflow due to poor project management. Jira Align will make everything possible right now. Recognize execution data, work with different teams, and achieve alignment. With organisations at every scale level completely aligned, you can increase delivery efficiency and predictability.

Boost Business Performance

Maintaining the product's optimal quality is the key factor in customer retention and attractiveness. It is made possible by Jira Align. You can now improve the customer experience and drive greater quality. Boost your organization's productivity and throughput. We ensure that all of the teams are moving in the same direction and at the same rate to increase efficiency. Boost participation and hit your goals.

Improved Visibility

By providing clear insight into the labour necessary vs the advantage received by implementing an epic or feature, the collecting of granular, team-level information and its consolidation into large-scale units like epics and features aid management in prioritising work. You won't be thinking about those doubts any more. You will all receive a comprehensive explanation of everything.

Helps in Planning

By allocating expenses to the different job items and providing management with real-time insights into ongoing expenditures and performance versus budgets, the platform also makes financial planning easier.

Scale Big

Jira Align is made to function in organisations with more than 250 technical staff members (developers, testers, scrum masters etc). It's now acceptable to sacrifice your job effort without concern. Your whole software infrastructure will be taken care of by Jira Align.

Manage & Plan Better

Jira Align is steadily moving up the ranks to become the finest planning and implementation platform that focuses only on tying work to at-scale product and programme portfolio management. Create real-time reports on every area of your whole business to integrate and organise all of the data you have now.

Transformation starts with connected teams

Get real-time visibility

Aggregate team-level data to make all work visible across your enterprise in real-time.

Align every team to strategy

Get everyone on the same page to determine scope, roadmaps and dependencies across teams and portfolios.

Optimize for customer value

Connect strategic investments with customer value created to drive outcomes faster and more reliably.

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Our Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

Case Study

Saving Cost and Time with Jira Software

A customized ‘6-Step’ cloud migration process to help the entire team at ‘Extra’ become more secure and productive.

Case Study

Revamping ITIL strategies with JSM

Subex – A leading telecom solutions provider revamped their ITIL practices for a better customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Setting up Independent ALM & DevOps

Demerging with Pearson group and setting up an independent ALM & DevOps infrastructure as well as tech support.

Case Study

Increase in Productivity Using Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation of GMobis by moving to Agile Technologies

Case Study

Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Download this Case Study to know how the seamless transition to the new environment ensured no loss of productivity

Case Study

Implementation of JIRA Service Desk

Download this Case Study to know how we Gave Subex management real-time visibility into team productivity

Case Study

Integration of ALM and DevOps

Download this Case Study to know how we implemented Confluence, JIRA Software, Zephyr

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A global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise to provide innovative results within the software development lifecycle.


We help to achieve maximum productivity with the least efforts. We offer a modernized customer interaction process and cost-effective advanced software to manage work efficiently


We have experience in ALM & DevOps. Our expertise allows us to deliver top-notch Atlassian services among startups and enterprise to transform their business.

Platinum Partner

Our certified Atlassian consultants provide you with solutions and advice tailored to your needs and requirements, we provide you with the right solution.

Flexible Environment

Our infrastructure allows AWS setup, private cloud setup and SaaS hosting operation to accomplished your business needs.


Our expertise allows us to manage your growing infrastructure and stay competitive without compromising on efficiency.

Customized Consulting

We provide complete DevOps architectureas per your business requirements.

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