Leading Led Lights Manufacturing Case Study

Know how automating repetitive manual processes increased the team productivity of our client by 70% which prompted them to increase their license base.


5X Increase in productivity

3 hours of work saved per week per employee

70% Increase in client satisfaction


The lack of user-friendliness of the current tools restricted the teams to increase their productivity.

The current CRM did not provide any integrations with the existing tools, thus making it difficult to cut unnecessary tasks out.

More time was consumed by tasks that should have been automated which affected the customer experience.

The Solution

Once our experts analyzed the current processes, Monday.com’s CRM stood out as an ideal solution for our client. Keeping in view the issues that the FortuneArrt team was facing, our experts prepared and implemented a customized monday.com CRM solution. The ease of use and intuitive interface of the platform played an important factor in enhancing the ability to make prompt team decisions.

Replacing the existing CRM with the latest CRM and at the same time, migrating all the previous databases in the new CRM.

Centralized database management to track their leads, customer contact, and other relevant data in one place.

Tracking the progress of existing projects on the new CRM, right from inception to closure.

Cross-functionality accessibility and increased team collaboration

Value Delivered

The enreap team not only implemented a customizable solution to cater to the requirements of thier client but also ensured that the CRM was up and running with minimal downtime. We migrated their previous customer tickets to the latest CRM without any implications. The tangible business impact included:

Improved Cross-Functionality and Increased Team Collaboration. Within 3 months, they upgraded the users from 75 to 130 users.

Ability to track the status of the leads and opportunities at a glance.

Generate ready-to-use reports with internal and external stakeholders.

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