Why and When You Should Choose Confluence Cloud Over Confluence Server (On-Premise) Version

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For growing digital businesses, Atlassian Confluence opens doors to a world of modern collaboration workflows that enable teams to accomplish more together.

A team-friendly where knowledge and collaboration happens, Confluence sets the foundation for better productivity and efficiency. From best-practice templates to actionable meeting notes, easy-to-find answers to real-time insight into team progress: Confluence empowers dispersed teams to come together to build, organize, and collaborate on work, and meet shared goals quickly.

Confluence Server Vs. Confluence Cloud

With Confluence, teams can organize everything in one place, build a culture of open teamwork, break down departmental silos, and turn conversations into action for quicker results.

Confluence is offered in Server and Cloud (and Data Center) versions to meet the different needs of different businesses:

• Confluence Server is ideal for teams who want to have full control over their Atlassian implementation. Although this version brings with it the added responsibility of hosting and managing the solution, it also allows for stricter data governance. You can host Confluence Server on your own hardware and customize your setup based on your requirements.

• Confluence Cloud is perfect for teams who do not want to get into the hassle of managing their implementation. Since Atlassian hosts the site for them, teams can focus on driving their business forward – and not worrying about maintaining or managing their servers and storage.


When to Choose Confluence Cloud 

Atlassian’s recent Server EOL announcement has put the brakes on all of its server products – Confluence included. If you were planning to implement Confluence Server, now might be a good time to consider Confluence Cloud instead and be ready to set foot into a world of unmatched cloud capabilities. And if you’re already using Confluence Server, there is a pressing need for you to migrate to Confluence Cloud as soon as possible, so you can continue to reap benefits with feature updates, security patches, and unlimited support.

In today’s digital era, opting for Confluence Cloud is a great way to get continuous access to the latest features and enjoy the benefits of automatic upgrades, optimal performance, and elastic scale.

Here are some reasons when you should move to Confluence Cloud:

• When you need scalability: With Confluence Cloud, scalability is a given. Access to 250 GB (Standard) and unlimited storage (Premium) means your team has infinite space for developing cutting-edge products. The cloud deployment ensures you have access to the resources you need when you need them. You can also scale them as the needs of your business grow and maintain the level of service you provide to your customers.

• When you need high performance and reliability standards for global customers: Dealing with global customers means you have to constantly drive efforts in ensuring high performance and reliability of the products you build. Because Confluence Cloud is constantly backed by 24/7 support and 99.9% uptime SLA, you can be sure to have your deployment monitored and optimized by a team of dedicated experts who work around-the-clock to guarantee uptime and financially backed service credits.

• When you don’t want to manage the overhead of hosting and maintenance: For teams that want to focus on their core tasks, the responsibility of hosting and maintaining the Confluence deployment can be overwhelming. Confluence Cloud is perfect for teams who do not want to manage the overhead of hosting and maintenance. Since Atlassian does all the heavy lifting by providing built-in platform security and compliance, quick and simple set up, and financially backed SLAs for uptime and performance, you can drive continuous innovation by having access to the latest and greatest features and functionality.

• If you want easy set-up and want to get started immediately: Setting up and getting started with an on-premise Confluence deployment is a time- and cost-intensive process. But not if you embrace Confluence Cloud. Cloud deployment is ideal for those who want to get started quickly. Since Atlassian takes up the responsibility of setting up and deploying Confluence Cloud, you can be sure to reap the benefits of the platform – almost immediately.

• If you need immediate access to the latest features: For IT teams, keeping a tab of every update or upgrade can get extremely exhausting. With Atlassian Cloud, you can get immediate access to all the latest features and improvements – without having to look out for them or implement them. Because Atlassian takes care of all tasks related to upgradation, you can be sure to leverage modern features and drive maximum value from your Confluence investment.

• When you want to control costs: Setting up Confluence on-premises required you to invest heavily in procuring, hosting, and managing the solution. But these costs can be streamlined by embracing Confluence Cloud. Because Confluence Cloud is offered in a pay-as-you-go model, you can eliminate upfront server and storage costs. And since you are only billed based on the exact number of Confluence users you have, you can optimize your operational costs as well.


If you are looking to scale reliably, enjoy 24×7 support, ensure high performance, and constantly get access to the latest features, Confluence Cloud is the perfect way to support the needs of your growing team.

As a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner, we, at Addteq, can help you embark on the Confluence Cloud journey, so you can get maximum ROI on your Atlassian investment in the most efficient manner possible.

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