How Employees are Recognised and Appreciated at enreap?

As 2023 commences, workplaces are moving toward a human-centric approach, but the majority of employees still don’t feel particularly happy at work. Reason: They don’t receive as much praise, recognition, and appreciation from their upper management or line managers.

According to a survey, 30% of employees say they haven’t had a single moment of gratitude at work in over a year. 80% of workers are predicted to perform better at work if they are appreciated, according to the same study.

Higher productivity translates into better business, but it’s critical to change the culture so that it benefits both the employer and the workforce. Unaffected by external factors, positive reinforcement is one of the best organizational behaviors that can be nurtured for a better result from each and every one.

At enreap, we’ve worked hard to create a culture that values employee appreciation. Here is how employee performance matrix and management are ensured and planned at enreap.

  • Performance Planning: It is vital for employees to know what is expected of them. We make sure that the criteria and expectations are communicated clearly, leaving no room for ambiguity down the road.
  • Performance Feedback: enreap thrives off of feedback. Performance feedback is crucial for effective management because, in our opinion, it is a great way to stay on the same page throughout the process.
  • Continuous Development: enreap supports its employees’ professional and personal growth. We encourage behaviors that allow workers to learn and improve.
  • Appraisal/ Evaluation: Cycles of appraisal or evaluation are crucial to recognizing the ideal applicant and laying out a clear path for those who aren’t on the expected course yet. enreap offers a unique program of rewards and recognition for both leaders and employees alike.

Employee Rewards and Recognition

Employee activity levels are 2.7 times higher for those who feel appreciated than for those who don’t. enreap, which adheres to this philosophy, has divided its reward and recognition program into different categories, including spot recognitions as well as quarterly evaluations.

Here are some of the different R&R activities we have planned for all of our employees.

  • Spot awards: Yes, we do have spot awards, and no, it’s not too much. Rather than waiting for the next one-on-one meeting or quarterly evaluation, we believe in the power of expressing gratitude and appreciation right away. A superior contributor who has achieved the pinnacle of excellence in their work or methodology deserves a superior award and recognition. These honors are given based on the type of contribution, where line managers immediately send emails to thank employees for their efforts. This creates a great loop of recognition and encourages consistent efforts from everyone.
  • Employee of the month and quarter: Consistency overpowers spontaneity. Line managers nominate deserving candidates for our employee of the month and employee of the quarter programs to HR managers before the third of every month. The winner is then chosen by the functional team of all departments based on the work contribution. Every month, we select three top performers, one of whom is recognized as the employee of the month, while the other two are claimed to be enreap stars. The employee of the quarter is decided similarly, with one candidate taking home the title and the other two being referred to as enreap champions.
  • Employee of the year: This is one of the highest recognitions for an employee at enreap. Throughout the year, we look for outstanding contributions. There are three winners: the employee of the year is one of them, and the other two are called enreap icons. The candidates who have demonstrated the greatest productivity and the least amount of absenteeism are chosen from the rest and given a cash award for their outstanding performance.

Our Eccentric Reward Program

When it comes to structuring and maintaining our reward program, we take a 360-degree approach, considering both our employees and our leaders. enreap believes in giving leaders feedback because our system of feedback works both vertically and horizontally. The four categories into which we have segregated the criteria for rewarding the leaders are as follows:

  • Leadership: There are certain characteristics that must be present in a leader before they can be chosen for reward and recognition. The criteria used to evaluate leaders include traits such as problem-solving skills, the ability to control one’s behavior to suit a larger goal, and the ability to manage oneself in challenging or tricky situations. Leaders’ aptitude for mentoring, role modeling, and becoming ideal figures of authority to look up to is evaluated. People follow worthy leaders, so at enreap, we place a high value on leaders who can attract and hold onto the best talent.
  • Relationships: The ability to create and maintain relationships is a desirable trait in any leader. These connections, whether internal or cross-departmental, demonstrate teamwork, operating in collaboration, and upholding cooperation between the team. When it comes to feedback systems, a person’s level of dependability and understanding of the value of good relationships make them excellent leaders. According to a McKinsey report, maintaining trust and praising employees’ efforts are essential for their well-being and level of engagement.
  • Innovation: Leaders seldom allow themselves to follow only a task-oriented path; they are constantly driven by innovation. When it comes to rewarding our leadership, the person who actively participates in drawing the best idea out of others is the front-runner. A great leader at enreap should be able to break down barriers by implementing new technologies and attempting team-generated ideas.
  • Service: One of the top missions at enreap is service, whether it be internal or external. The best candidate for recognition is a leader who recognizes how crucial it is to deliver excellent service and comprehend client needs. They should instill the same culture and mindset within their teams to ensure that the entire company collaborates on the same concept.

enreap leaders are expected to lead by example while encouraging a corporate culture that is consistent with the company’s overall objectives and vision. Such leaders are selected and rewarded in order to spread a mentality based on the same idea throughout the entire organization.

Planning each employee’s career is something enreap strongly supports. We empower employees across all of our verticals by providing them with the proper career paths and mentorship.

If you want to join our employee-driven culture and grow while getting appreciated for your hard work, visit our careers page and send your application to get in touch with us. We are hiring across all levels (including fresh graduates) and multiple positions.