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Organizations across the world are racing to the cloud to leverage benefits across scalability, availability, and flexibility of workloads. For this very reason, Atlassian Cloud has been witnessing immense popularity as it enables organizations to enjoy a multitude of modern cloud features and capabilities and improve the quality and speed with which applications are being delivered. But moving workloads to Atlassian Cloud or implementing it afresh requires the expert advice and support of a qualified solution partner. Read on to learn how enreap can help you successfully move to Atlassian Cloud!

Why companies are moving to Atlassian Cloud?

Atlassian’s cloud services have been extremely popular with organizations of all sizes looking to drive secure, sustainable, agile, and cost-effective application delivery. But the sudden and widespread demands for migration to Atlassian Cloud have primarily been due to Atlassian Server reaching EOL. While Server licenses are no longer sold, from February 2, 2024, even support for all Server products will also be not provided. This means that companies using Atlassian Server will no longer receive any support or bug fixes after 2024.

As more and more organizations opt for a cloud-first strategy, Atlassian realized the need to sunset Server products and instead focus on developing cloud products and meet the evolving demands of a tech-savvy world.

What migration challenges they can face

Given the pressure organizations are in to quickly migrate their Atlassian Server workloads to the cloud, most embark on the migration journey on their own – hoping that their in-house teams will lead them to a quick turnaround. Unfortunately, that is hardly the case, as migrating to the cloud can get extremely tricky.

Here’s looking at some of the challenges they can face:

• Planning the migration strategy, keeping the organization’s current IT infrastructure and processes, current objectives, and upcoming goals in mind can be a Herculean task. In a bid to quicken migration, many in-house teams opt for a middle ground – not realizing the repercussions of a poorly planned or rushed-up migration.

• Lack of management support is a common reason for poor and failed migrations. Since migrating to Atlassian Cloud is a time-consuming, complex, and fairly expensive process, lack of support means organizations do not have the funding or backing needed to bring the migration to successful closure.

• Data migration is also a concern that can hugely impact the journey to Atlassian Cloud. Understanding what data is currently available, what is important, and what needs to be moved requires technology expertise – which most in-house teams may not possess.

• Lack of the right tools and resources can negatively impact the journey to Atlassian Cloud. Most in-house teams are accustomed to a limited set of tools and have little or no idea of the tools needed for a successful migration to the cloud.

• Understanding and overcoming security challenges requires thorough knowledge of possible risks as well as ways to overcome them. Although in-house teams can help implement a handful of security measures, migrating to the cloud requires deep and detailed know-how of cloud security, which only a qualified and certified partner can provide.

• The challenge of plugin migration is another roadblock that tends to dilute the success rate of Atlassian Cloud migration. Although Atlassian is driving continuous efforts in ensuring all Server plugins are available in the cloud, there are many which are still in the process of being made available – knowledge of which most in-house teams might not have.

How enreap can help

As a global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise to drive innovative results within the software development lifecycle, enreap has been a leader in providing cutting-edge solutions to clients across the world for over a decade. We make use of the latest development and automation tools to modernize the software delivery process, solve business processes, and set businesses up for success.

Here are some ways in which enreap can help in a successful migration to Atlassian Cloud:

• An Atlassian platinum partner: As a platinum Atlassian Partner, enreap has the industry knowledge and technical know-how of existing and upcoming Atlassian products. We provide a range of accredited Atlassian consulting, migration, and training services along with integrations and customizations to organizations across Finance, Telecom, Manufacturing, Media, and Healthcare industries. Our advanced knowledge of Atlassian Cloud products including product configuration expertise, customized solutions, and implementation services enables us to power innovation for organizations looking to make the most of Atlassian Cloud.

• A large pool of expert Atlassian resources: Our large pool of expert Atlassian resources helps build partnerships based on mutually beneficial relationships. By investing time, implementing the right resources, and focusing on open communication, our expert Atlassian resources have what it takes to provide solutions that best fit the needs of businesses of different sizes and types.

• A range of Atlassian services: As a long-standing partner of Atlassian, enreap provides a wide range of Atlassian services including:

→ DevOps consulting via qualitative and quantitative discovery: We undertake a well-planned discovery process to get end-to-end visibility into existing processes and help you begin the Atlassian Cloud journey on the right note. By assessing the current state of businesses, quantifying objectives, and planning a roadmap, we collaborate better, identify issues faster, and improve product quality and time-to-market.

→ Implementation: Whether you want to move from Atlassian Server to Atlassian Cloud or implement Atlassian Cloud from scratch, we provide unmatched implementation services that can take your organization to the next level of operational efficiency. Right from workflow configuration and automation to expert analysis, installation, data migration, and integration, using our implementation services, you can easily and seamlessly move your organization to the cloud.

→ Custom add-on / new plugin/app development: For organizations that cannot find an existing Server app or plugin or add-on on Cloud Marketplace, Atlassian can design and develop the app of your choice. We can provide the infrastructure needed for design as well as carry out performance analysis for the developed app, so you can drive maximum benefit from it.

→ Data migration and upgrades: If you are considering moving to Atlassian Cloud but are worried about preserving legacy Server data, enreap has the technical expertise needed to carefully migrate data from Atlassian as well as non-Atlassian tools.

→ Third-party application integrations: If you want all your Atlassian tools to be tightly integrated with each other or with other 3rd-party systems, enreap offers a range of integrations. We can help deliver seamless workflows by ensuring that all your tools work perfectly together and can make the most of Atlassian Cloud.

→ Tech Support: We understand that different organizations have different support needs; to meet these distinct needs, we offer different support plans.

→ Training: To ensure users are well-versed with Atlassian Cloud, enreap develops and conducts training courses relevant to real-life scenarios encountered within a typical work environment. Our specialized training courses reach across the entire cloud spectrum and include onsite, classroom, online, and webinar-based training.

As the last date of Atlassian Server end of support approaches, organizations are quickly planning their migration to Atlassian Cloud. But given how complex and time-consuming the migration can be, opting for an expert Atlassian partner like enreap helps in providing access to modern tools and sources and ensure a timely, seamless, and successful migration.

Connect with us to know how enreap can help you confidently migrate to Atlassian Cloud!

  Atlassian and its suite of cutting-edge products have long been empowering organizations to drive greater efficiencies, outcomes, and revenue, especially products like Jira Service Management (JSM) that help in delivering value quickly. To further enhance this value, many organizations today are seeking low-code solutions that allow them to spin up workflows – without additional cost or complexity.