5 Reasons Why Atlassian Cloud is an Attractive Option for Indian Market

Atlassian products have taken over the world of software delivery. Atlassian offers a variety of deployment options to the software delivery teams. While the Atlassian Server and Data Center products have always been a popular choice amongst enterprises, the adoption rate of Atlassian Cloud products continues to increase. 

Today, more than 125,000 customers are using Atlassian Cloud products. More than 90% of net new customers each quarter are choosing a Cloud product. Over the last couple of years, Indian enterprises have turned to cloud technologies to carry out day-to-day tasks more efficiently and stay ahead of market trends. Modern features of Atlassian Cloud make it the perfect option for Indian enterprises. 

Benefits of Atlassian Cloud 

Capabilities across speed, productivity, costs, and scalability have made Cloud a driving force for modern organizations. 

Atlassian Cloud offers the desired level of performance and exceptional redundancy and failover options around the world. It offers access to a mountain of on-demand compute resources, so teams can scale their applications at reduced costs. 

Here are some of it’s key benefits: 

• It allows enterprises to choose the right plan to meet the needs of their business and get started quickly with POCs and flexible deployments. 

• Exceptional flexibility, scalability, and cost savings that allows teams to scale as they grow – without affecting product performance. 

• Pay only for what you need; centralized and simplified billing cuts down on CapEx costs and ensures teams only pay for the resources they use. 

• Access to  over 1000 Marketplace apps that enables teams to integrate tools and extend functionality. 

• It offers a faster time to value as teams do not need to invest time procuring hardware, installing software, configuring and securing software, etc.

• It offers round-the-clock technical support (with Premium offering) to overcome administration issues and ensure Atlassian applications are always up and running. 

• The enterprise-grade security across all Atlassian products helps teams ensure compliance with evolving industry and regulatory and government standards. 

• With Cloud, enterprises can easily scale up and down as business needs shift and offload all maintenance efforts such as updates and patches to the cloud vendor.

Why Atlassian Cloud for the Indian Market 

When it comes to developing cutting-edge software products, Indian enterprises are taking over the world. By embracing innovative tools, technologies and modern approaches to software development in the cloud, they are creating high-quality, highly available, reliable, and scalable products that keep up with the demands of customers. 

Atlassian studied the growing adoption of cloud by Indian businesses and realized the potential Indian enterprises possess in driving growth and sustainability. Today, Atlassian Cloud adoption in India is one of the highest in the world. Atlassian Cloud accounts for more than two-thirds of bookings in India. Customers in India include Hotstar, Apollo Hospitals, Infosys, and more. 

Here are some reasons why Atlassian Cloud is an attractive option for Indian enterprises: 

India is adopting digitization across industries: Several government reforms, initiatives, and partnerships, and Internet penetration have improved access to modern technologies that have set the foundation of a digital India. For example, the Indian ride-sharing company Ola has completely transformed the taxi business. From modern GPS technology to cutting-edge mobile-enabled capabilities, the company has made it easy to book a cab, track its location, and more. As India adopts technologies such as automation, cloud, analytics, and more across industries, Atlassian Cloud offers all enterprises need to enable (and sustain) digital transformation. It facilitates improved collaboration so teams can work more efficiently, enhanced capabilities across security, governance, and data privacy to keep up with industry regulations, and unmatched uptime and flexibility to meet the high availability needs of modern users. 

India has one of the world’s largest tech talent workforce: India is home to some of the best tech talents in the world as well as the infrastructure needed to innovate and grow. Indian tech resources are adept at using modern technologies and making the most of advanced cloud capabilities that Atlassian offers. Several global technology giants are investing in the Indian market to fuel growth and drive value. Atlassian also has set up its global R&D center in Bengaluru in 2019, with a plan to add more and more employees to strengthen its position in the Indian market. 

Growing businesses need access to unlimited storage and capacity to scale: Technical capabilities of Indian enterprises have resulted in massive demand for products that meet the growing needs of modern customers. Take the example of eCommerce company Flipkart. In 2019, alone, the retail giant experienced a 42% increase in revenue growth. As these businesses grow, they need access to unlimited storage and capacity, so they can continue to maintain the performance and functionality of their products – even as the number of users grows. Atlassian Cloud offers a range of different plans to suit the different needs of enterprises; for those requiring high availability, the Premium offering ensures the highest level of service through 99.9% uptime SLA as well unlimited storage and access to premium security tools. 

The extended COVID-19 lockdown has made many companies think about implementing WFH policies: Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, countries across the world implemented lockdown. Although many of them have started to ease restrictions, the number of Coronavirus cases in India is still rising. As India prepares to enter lockdown 4.0, the extended lockdown has made many companies think about implementing work-from-home policies. For such enterprises, Atlassian Cloud is the ideal choice to set up a remote work environment. An integrated ecosystem with 99.95% uptime SLA, centralized user billing, dedicated support, and access to updated tools, it provides a safe environment for organizations to work just as efficiently from their homes as they do from an office environment. 

Atlassian has a strong partner network to facilitate smooth transition while providing local support: Given the growth and popularity of Atlassian products, several companies – in India and abroad – are partnering with Atlassian to provide implementation, support, and maintenance services to enterprises in India. This has led to Atlassian having a strong partner network to facilitate smooth transition – while providing local support, so enterprises can ensure alignment with local laws and requirements. Atlassian Platinum Partner Addteq helps enterprises evaluate Atlassian Cloud and seamlessly migrate to make the most of modern features and capabilities.

In the digital age, the potential of Indian market is massive. When combined with Atlassian Cloud, the results they can achieve are beyond compare.