Wall Street English Case Study

WSE: From Demerging With Pearson
to Setting up Independent ALM & DevOps

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Wall Street English is one of the largest providers of English language education. Established in 1972 in Italy, the company has over 3 million alumni with a current enrolment of 180,000 students.Following a demerger from Pearson, WSE was facing the prospect of major disruption in its ALM and DevOps driven platform development. enreap advised and implemented a strong cloud-based ALM and DevOps strategy for WSE to


5x Increase in Productivity

3x Reduction in Cost

50% Reduction in SLA Breach

enreap prepared and implemented an entire cloud implementation plan for WSE with minimum downtime.


To operate ALM and DevOps tools independently

Finding the most optimal deployment option keeping WSE’s technology bandwidth in mind

Minimal disruption in current tools and processes

The Solution

enreap team conducted multiple discovery workshops with key stakeholders from WSE to develop a complete understanding of its ecosystem and devise an effective roadmap for solutions.

The enreap team gathered diagnostics to map a path to demerge and migrate to Atlassian Cloud.

Planned out different data migration approaches to migrating data to Server to - Cloud. It also required a plan for the deletion of unwanted data

The enreap team did a detailed study of the apps in use and their compatibility with Atlassian Cloud. For apps that would not be supported, enreap suggested suitable alternatives

As a part of the migration process, the Pearson team provided WSE Projects data and configurations. Once it was received, the enreap team reviewed all the configurations and then manually recreated them on the new environment.

Value Delivered

enreap Team achieved the migration with minimal downtime. The team migrated all the WSE operations to Atlassian Cloud from Pearson Atlassian Server instances.

WSE is now successfully operating independently the Atlassian tools stack

Enabled WSE to use the latest tools and processes by ensuring no time was lost in adjusting to the new evironment

The WSE team now has its own ALM & DevOps environment, plugins, and customized configurations to support the business growth

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