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Read how Natwest found their key to Agile Transformation with the help of enreap.


A Real Understanding of Lean Principles and Kanban

Agile at Scale
in the Organization

A Flourishing & Collaborative Community


Despite a plethora of tools available within their environment to help with the “New Ways of Working” there was no proven, consistent, dominant tool to help across the entire organization.

Both planning and reconciling the work was very difficult

Challenges of working in geographically distributed teams with an increasing need to pivot, scale, and mobilize quickly

The Solution

NatWest decided to leverage its existing relationship with Planview to see how further adoption of the Planview Portfolios Agile Planning solution could help their organization embrace new ways of working and drive Agile transformation. They elected to run a Proof-of-Concept (POC) with Planview LeanKit, the Agile Program Management and cloud-based visual work delivery module that is part of the Planview Portfolios Agile Planning solution to help empower their teams to apply Lean and Agile principles and processes.

Realizing that understanding Lean-Agile principles was the starting point from which any adoption of AgilePlace and journey to transformation would need to come from, NatWest implemented a train-the-trainer type model.

By focusing their training on uplifting early users into coaches, demand grew steadily, and AgilePlace proved to be very popular with the initial base.

Utilizing the Planview Success Center, NatWest developed best practices to get teams up to speed more quickly and migrate from their previous methodologies or work management systems.

Senior leaders started tracking their departmental outcomes in LeanKit. Work through different business levels was linked using parent/child relationships with cards and boards.

Value Delivered

NatWest maintained momentum and continue growing the AgilePlace user base to meet the demand they are seeing from the business and further their Agile journey.

The organization gaining a real understanding of Lean principles and Kanban.

The flexibility of Planview AgilePlace and its ease of use helped NatWest's overall growth.

A potential solution for an integrated architecture to manage Agile at scale in the organization.

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