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for a leading manufacturing company

fortunearrt is enreap's client. Read how enreap helped fortunearrt by its customized it solutions

India | Manufacturing

Established in 1983, the company started as a retailer of lighting products. The company over the years has grown by leaps and bounds to become one of the biggest manufacturers of LED lights, wires, and cables in India across 23 places. With an end-to-end manufacturing process, where everything is done in-house - right from the aluminum for the housing to the end product. Their aim is to provide uncompromised quality products, to engage and develop human capital as well as to provide for and understand consumers.


Within 3 Months, user base increased from 75 to 130

50% increase In Team Collaboration

70% increase In Team Productivity

How automating repetitive manual processes increased the team productivity of the client by 70% which prompted them to increase their license base.


Workload management, visibility & team tracking

Streamlined approval process

Automation of processes

The Solution

Once our experts analyzed the current processes,’s CRM stood out as an ideal solution for the client. Keeping in view the issues that the client's team was facing, our experts prepared and implemented a customized CRM solution. The ease of use and intuitive interface of the platform played an important factor in enhancing the ability to make prompt team decisions.

Replacing the existing CRM with the latest CRM and at the same time, migrating all the previous databases in the new CRM

Centralized database management to track their leads, customer contact, and other relevant data in one place

Tracking the progress of existing projects on the new CRM, right from inception to closure

Automating the existing tools with the latest CRM

Value Delivered

The enreap team not only implemented a customizable solution to cater to the requirements of the client but also ensured that the CRM was up and running with minimal downtime. enreap migrated previous customer tickets to the latest CRM without any implications.

70% increased productivity: Cutting down manual tasks at scale with multiple integrations

50% increase in team collaboration: Improved Cross-Functionality and increased team collaboration

Within 3 months, they have upgraded the users from 75 to 130 users

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