Case Study

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Check how the migration to AWS cloud has brought in several benefits to team like 24X7 availability & zero downtime.


30% Reduction in cost

500% Improvement in Traffic Handling

No downtime & 24X7 availability


Performance & Downtime issues

Unable to address the need for redundancy, auto-scaling, and disaster recovery.

Prone to security risks

The Solution

enreap Cloud Architect Experts had done several assessment and discovery sessions with the Client’s infrastructure and DevOps teams. This was done to understand the client’s requirement for migration to AWS Cloud. Our team then conceptualized and created a robust and customized solution around AWS services for the migration.

Amazon EC2 was leveraged as it provided resizable compute capacity in the AWS cloud. By offering IaaS, it also provided complete control of computing resources, which could be scaled as per requirement.

Amazon Aurora, which is fully managed by Amazon RDS, was leveraged. This provides security, reliability, and high availability. Amazon RDS automates time-consuming administrative tasks too.

AWS WAF was used to help protect web applications or APIs against attacks that could impact availability and security along with consuming excessive resources.

Amazon CloudWatch was used to monitor the applications and alerts in case of any changes in resource utilization or unhealthy servers, wherein timely action could be taken.

Value Delivered

This migration to AWS cloud has brought in several benefits to the BrandSport365 platform. Some of the major benefits are:

There was a significant improvement in handling a higher number of customer traffic, 500% more!

A significant reduction in costs was observed despite higher volumes of traffic. In fact, savings of up to 30 percent with a few more optimizations are expected with the migration.

Regular backups, fault tolerance, and mirroring, have been automated with this implementation.

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