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“If you don’t build a great, rewarding place for people to work, they won’t do good work”

The continuous disruption of the business environment owing to technological progress, global markets, and the pandemic has created an extremely competitive marketplace. Forward-thinking organizations realize that to win in the market, they must first win in the workplace. 

Such an environment not only demands a strategic focus on enabling a technology-driven tools ecosystem but also needs an equal focus on workplace culture. Cultivating a culture that pursues professional and personal development along with financial growth enables multi-level business success.

Professional (and personal) growth matter

Employees spend their productive hours in the workplace. As such, it becomes the responsibility of the workplace to create and deliver an equitable work environment that allows employees to grow both professionally and personally. The challenge is that professional and personal growth looks different to each individual. For some, it might mean earning a new certification. For another, it could be more abstract like improving interpersonal skills.

As a future-focused and equitable organization, we encourage employee growth and development and ensure that we create the right opportunities for our people. 

Here are a few things that employees of enreap enjoy.


Personal growth and development empower employees to pursue better results and meet goals year on year. The right opportunities keep current employees motivated. They also help us attract high-quality talent. As millennials become the dominant demographic in the workplace, we recognize their need for professional development and growth as an important motivator of engagement.

Keeping the growing needs of the workforce we ensure that we provide the right coaching and mentoring for our employees. Be it developing critical skills needed for leading teams with purpose and managing high-profile teams, driving sales, or building a greater collaborative environment, we have tie-ups with some of the best and the leading mentors in the industry.

Our team of mentors helps our employees discover gaps and help them navigate their limiting beliefs to make them leaders, navigate their personal challenges, and elevate their professional and personal development goals.

Depth of training

Our HR and Learning and Development teams are always on top of the skills trend to make sure that the workforce is always updated with the most relevant industry-specific skills. Our training calendar is quite full and made by identifying market trends and employee feedback. 

Context, we believe, is crucial for the success of training programs. We, as such, make sure that our employees see the relevance of these training programs. Great participation and elevated learning outcomes emerge as a result of building relevance, context, and personalization into our training plans.

Along with this, we also have the best technical trainers and industry-leading training partners who conduct high-impact training on technologies such as AWS and ITIL. 

Our in-house training team runs a robust training program designed especially for freshers. The objective of this training program is to bridge the learning gap between what is taught in college versus what the workplace and the business environment demand. This is a six-month program where new employees evolve from being naïve freshers to skilled resources with the right certifications.

Cutting-edge technology work

Along with formal mentoring opportunities and training programs, we deliver everyday learning and development opportunities to our employees as well. As one of the top Atlassian partners in Southeast Asia, we enable global organizations to adopt DevOps maturity from inception to release.

Our engineers get to work on mission-critical projects across industries and develop cutting-edge solutions that show a direct business impact. As technology partners to our clients, our engineers offer innovative business solutions that help our customers thrive in a disruptive business environment.

We help clients realize optimum team productivity and achieve sustainable competitive advantage by envisioning & executing technology-enabled operations strategies. As such our teams get to work with some of the leading organizations across the globe on business-impacting projects. There is an exceptional value in getting the opportunity to learn while working as this promotes first-hand knowledge development.

Growth mindset

We believe in promoting a culture of growth and want all our employees to be fearless when seeking help. We encourage employees to proactively reach out to their managers, team leaders, and even the C-suite to help them navigate professional and personal challenges. Our policies ensure that there is no stigma attached to help-seeking. For us, all ideas are great. Some of them just work better than others.

Our teams are also led by exceptional managers and leaders who are always there to mentor and guide employees when they are stuck. Our middle and senior leaders receive thorough leadership mentoring and training. They are technical experts and some of the best minds in the industry.  They are also empathetic leaders who can enable today’s teams and lead them to success. They do so by helping them identify personal and professional barriers and providing the support to navigate these using the right tools.

We are all firmly rooted in the concept of a growth mindset where we see failures and roadblocks as opportunities for improvements.

Wide range of opportunities

We believe in helping our engineers develop and shape their careers in the way they desire. Be it lateral or vertical opportunities, we ensure that our employees get the opportunity to take their careers in whichever direction they want. 

Even early-stage engineers get great opportunities and exposure to help them build their confidence and evaluate the direction they would like to take in their careers.

Great colleagues and an open environment

A man is known by the company he keeps. And a company is known by the people they hire.

With this thought in mind, we have made sure that we hire not only technically experienced and knowledgeable people, but we also make sure that they are a cultural fit. We aim to create an equitable and empathetic workplace where we rise by lifting others.

We also celebrate high performance regularly. With spot awards and a robust rewards and recognition program employees know when they are getting things right consistently. Not just reporting and functional managers, colleagues from within and across functions can also nominate colleagues for spot awards.

The bottom line

Enterprises that care about the professional and personal development of their employees enjoy higher levels of engagement. The higher the level of employee engagement, the higher the productivity. 

We believe that a  cut-throat work environment is harmful to productivity. A positive environment, on the contrary, leads to dramatic benefits for the employee, the employer, and the bottom line. And we are happy to report that our workplace policies, culture, and environment have helped us deliver a work environment that is progressive, equitable, opportunity-based, high trust, and high performance!