Atlassian’s Commitment to Delivering Employee Experience at Scale

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Atlassian, one of the world’s leading team collaboration, productivity, and support management providers, has recently taken the industry by storm with a set of feature releases for its top products.

The company is expanding its employee experience offerings by bringing in unparalleled scalability, localized data storage, cloud configurations, and better usability. This is evident from its plans to expand its upper bandwidth to handle over 3M assets and 20K agents in its platform this year itself.

Why Does This Matters for Your Business?

In the modern era, a business cannot ignore the importance of a truly engaged and connected employee experience if they are to deliver a seamless customer experience. Empowering employees to fully deploy their true abilities at work requires an underlying framework that eliminates siloed interactions, fosters the following of best practices, and unifies thinking. 

Atlassian is the tool that forms the heart of this framework. It has the ability to unleash the true power of employee collaboration and ease communication barriers significantly. Moreover, it can equip businesses with immense potential to leverage state-of-the-art digital systems to streamline their internal operations.

To that end, let us explore how Atlassian’s initiatives on delivering employee experience at scale are beneficial for a business:

  • Faster Work Cycles with Templates

The introduction of new pre-built templates for departments like finance, marketing, and analytics enables the respective business teams to quickly automate their work management and workflows. This leads to an increased speed of response for requests leading to a faster work cycle in most business-support functions. The faster employees connect, collaborate, and arrive at conclusions, the better and faster the resolution of problems or challenges faced by customers.

  • Seamless Knowledge Base

Enterprises can now build an intuitive employee portal that can acquire, arrange, and present valuable insights to aid employees in different departments. It can even pull-out information from Workday insights, YouTube starting guides, and Service Management of Jira. This means businesses can build a one-stop destination for employees to gain knowledgeable insights that aid them in their daily work routines. They are relieved from having to navigate between multiple business systems and follow different user interfaces and guidelines when seeking helpful information for their job.

  • Conversational Ticketing

How convenient is it if employees can simply open a support ticket from their favorite team communication app? Wouldn’t it be nice if businesses could handle ticket management seamlessly without forcing employees to raise their tickets at multiple locations for solutions? 

Atlassian eliminates this complexity now by bringing in a conversational-style ticketing system. It can integrate directly into MS Teams or Slack and help employees raise and manage tickets from those platforms easily, thereby removing support access hurdles significantly. This added convenience can go a long way in enhancing the overall employee experience.

  • Autonomous Virtual Support

What if we told you that your internal Jira Service Management can be supported by a fully autonomous virtual agent 24X7? This is exactly what will happen soon, thanks to Atlassian’s acquisition of, an intelligent virtual agent startup. The new feature is expected to be a turning point in internal support system standards worldwide as employees would be able to access 24X7 support services from anywhere.

  • Mobile Advantage

With Atlassian, support is more mobile-friendly than ever before. Work teams can access incident alerts, modify on-call schedules, carry out critical communications with teams, and much more from the comfort of their smartphones.

  • Solve Problems Quickly

Atlassian’s range of templates does not just end with enabling business teams to close work cycles faster. In fact, they extend their abilities to deeper problem-solving discussions on tools like Confluence. Pre-built templates can be used by teams to pull out all relevant insights about an incident, and the same can be leveraged in further collaborative solution sessions. 

This allows enterprises to streamline Post Incident Reviews (PIR) effortlessly. Additionally, Atlassian also enables teams to embed flowcharts, crisis comms diagrams, etc., directly into PIR templates, thereby easing collaboration efforts in solving issues.

Driving Seamless Enterprise Operations with Atlassian

In all, these features may seem to be overwhelming to a non-tech business leader, and they may perceive this as a comprehensive IT support tool. But in reality, Atlassian, with its range of new features, has positioned itself as the brain behind the effortless operations, support, and maintenance of an enterprise’s digital backbone. 

Atlassian brings unprecedented and smart visibility into the operations that handle your core digital ecosystem, making sure that every call for help is answered at the right time by the right personnel. Atlassian delivers an employee experience at scale that is unmatched in the industry.

But building a tailored employee experience requires more than just the platform. This is where a Atlassian Platinum Partner like enreap can help your business adopt Atlassian with ease and grow sustainably. Get in touch with us to learn more about empowering your employees with the world’s best collaboration platform.