Atlassian Access – For centralized User Administration of Atlassian Cloud Applications

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The realm of software delivery tools has gotten extremely complicated in the last couple of years. As technology advances, market trends fluctuate, and customer demands get increasingly precise, Atlassian Cloud makes the process of software delivery relatively stress-free. 

Offering the luxury to choose several tools across the many aspects of a SDLC, Atlassian Cloud delivers the scalability and speed needed for growing organizations to keep up with customer expectations. When paired with Atlassian Access, it delivers enterprise-grade security and centralized administration across all Atlassian Cloud products. 

Introduction to Atlassian Access

Atlassian Cloud has been experiencing immense popularity due to its enhanced capability across collaboration, scalability, and flexibility. But for organizations still worried about authenticating and authorizing the growing number of cloud users, Atlassian Access offers an enterprise-wide subscription for enhanced user authentication and centralized administration. With the ability to work seamlessly across every Atlassian Cloud product, it helps unify user and policy management, set the foundation for stronger authentication, and effortlessly sync users from external directory to Atlassian Cloud products.  

Atlassian Access makes it easy for organizations to strengthen user authentication and authorization across multiple cloud products. It helps them build a scalable governance plan without affecting agility or collaboration.

It allows organizations to enjoy a 30-day free trial of the product and experience the ease of managing authentication and security policies across Atlassian Cloud users. During or after the trial, organizations can opt for a monthly (or yearly) subscription – where they are billed based on the number of unique users accessing the product. For example, for 11-250 users, organizations need to pay $3/user/month and for 1,000+ users $1/user/month. 

Key Benefits of Atlassian Access 

Atlassian Access is a great application not just for application admins (to easily manage users), but also for security teams (to ensure user management compliance). 

With Atlassian Access, organizations can: 

  1. Standardize user management policies throughout the organization from one central location and overcome shadow IT challenges that are known to plague cloud users.
  2. Manage users across different Atlassian Cloud products from a single interface and streamline user and policy management processes. 
  3. Enforce strong authentication measures and ensure compliance with existing and evolving corporate policies.
  4. Unearth in-depth insight into user activity audit logs and achieve greater control over API tokens.
  5. Sync users and groups from across the organization and easily provision and de-provision accounts as and when needed. 

Key features of Atlassian Access

• User Management

• Many organizations face the constant challenge of managing users using different Atlassian products from different locations and different devices. Atlassian Access makes it easy for such organizations to manage users – no matter where they are located or what Atlassian Cloud products they are using. 

• Teams can automatically provision (or de-provision) users based on certain rules. This helps reduce the time taken to bring new users to speed and minimize the risk of information breaches caused by users who are no longer part of the organization.  

• SAML single sign-on (SSO) capability enables organizations to authenticate users and access multiple tools with the same set of credentials. SSO provides a more secure method of authentication than just a username and password, thus making the process of securing large groups of users simpler.

• Using Active Directory Sync, admins can centrally manage all Atlassian accounts that utilize the company’s domain, edit the domain’s DNS or HTTPS settings, and verify company’s domain with Access.

• Monitoring and Audit

• Atlassian Access allows organizations to track key activities and diagnose problems across user details, product access, managed accounts, and organization settings to enhance adoption and efficiency. 

• Using the Organization Audit log, admins can view a comprehensive log of how many users are using Atlassian Cloud tools, how they are using it, and what they are using it for. Such insights can help them detect suspicious activity and take immediate remedial action.

• Organization insights make it easy for admins to track Atlassian Cloud usage and evaluate every user’s security posture. With built-in analytical capabilities, they help organizations make better decisions across increasing adoption or optimizing product ROI.

• API token controls allow users to authenticate themselves with Atlassian Cloud apps while enabling admins to get better visibility into accounts and integrations and improve the security of API access.

• User Authentication Security

• Atlassian Access also delivers several advanced security capabilities that ensure data and workloads are always protected and secured. 

• Enforced 2FA makes it compulsory for users to log in and access their Atlassian cloud products using two steps. 2FA helps in keeping accounts safe – even in the event of a password compromise.

• Security integrations like Cloud Access Security Broker or CASB allow organizations to track and analyze all information sent and received by every Atlassian tool. Such granular insight helps admins in achieving greater visibility across Atlassian usage while helping take steps to ensure compliance, threat protection, and data security.

Enhance Atlassian Cloud Experience 

As the popularity of Atlassian Cloud increases, Atlassian Access helps in delivering a better Atlassian Cloud experience through streamlined user management. With features like user authentication and authorization, user lifecycle monitoring, and enhanced security, it helps admins get the insight they need into how their Atlassian Cloud products are being used. All the while, giving them the opportunity to improve ease of access, user authentication security controls, and ROI.  

If you are an organization looking for an additional layer of security for users on Atlassian Cloud products, require help with the administration at scale, want deeper insight into how products are being used, or operate in highly regulated industries where compliance is a core requirement – Atlassian Access can help centralize security and governance and provide the insights you need to maximize ROI.