Agile at Scale with Enreap

The ability to adapt rapidly to market and environmental changes in a productive and cost-efficient way. Agile at scale is a method of working—and thinking—that aims to help businesses to transition from inflexible to resilient. Let us become more collaborative, open, innovative, and efficient than previous methods.

Steps to Agile at Scale

Our agile transformation roadmap is a holistic, collaborative, and bionic approach to implementing agile at scale across an organization.

Achieving Agile at Scale

Do you realise how crucial business agility is? Some don't, in fact! To compete, your company must change quickly. At Enreap, we are focused on improving the service skills of entrepreneurs from varied backgrounds by developing a plan for them that aligns the work of each team and creates a connected organisation. With higher uptime and consistent application performance at scale, it's time to build the groundwork for your agile transition. In fact, agility in your organisation may really shake the scores and bring you a 10 to 20% increase in customer satisfaction and even in the return of the digital investments that your company makes. So, make an informed decision!

Recognize the beginning point

We do not support the typical traditional technique. Yes, we personalise it! Let's start by determining where your company stands!

Enable the organization

Agile enterprise transformation requires catalysts to change and influence behavior.

Set up and implement the agile pilots

It's now time to catalyse the transformation. Every organisation strives for the best classy set of resources—and support—for all levels of an organisation.

Adapt the business model

Now that the learnings have been integrated into the operating model, It is now time to fine-tune approaches and provide the groundwork for agile transformation.

Create an agile playbook

It takes time and effort! We develop a roadmap for organisational agility—and a route for sustainable change

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Agile Solutions Include

Taking agile beyond pilots and scattered initiatives requires deep changes in processes, habits, and even mindsets. It also requires careful timing and coordination. We work with clients at every step of their agile-at-scale journey.

Witness The Transformation of
Entrepreneurial Agility

Implementing agility in your organisation is a massive task that demands a large commitment of time and dedication. Measuring your progress to ensure you meet your objectives is critical for success, but it may be difficult at times. But don't be concerned! Here, at Enreap, you will get the finest roadmap and practices for establishing the Path to agility while saving 20% to 40% on development expenses. Improve your employees' productivity by more than 90% and optimise your work productivity processes!


Ensure that your enterprise's efforts in Lean-Agile Transformation provide the market-impacting results you expect. We give you a clear path to lead you through the core practices for Agile transformation, as well as a method to assess the effect of that effort on your bigger business goals.


Whether you are just starting with Agile in one of your teams or growing Agile across your entire organisation. Agility has a lot to offer organisations - project management is three times more successful, quality delivery is greater, and customer happiness is higher.


Yes, Lean Portfolio management is also on our list. It's time for you to ensure that your company is operating in accordance with business strategy, to improve operational efficiency, and unlock its latent potential. We are here to support you all and advance your business goals, and we have the appropriate strategies.


To maintain a dependable and integrated environment for product development, many major organisations find that alignment of hardware and software operations is essential. The Path to Agility method is outcome-focused rather than practice-driven, emphasising growing agility rather than "doing" Agile things.

Our Approach to Agile at Scale


Recognize the beginning point.


Recognize the beginning point.


Set up and implement the agile pilots


Set up and implement the agile pilots


Adapt the business model


Adapt the business model


Create an Agile playbook


Create an Agile playbook

Principles for practising agile at scale

Changes in organisational structure and defined responsibilities

Better communication

Cadence and agile/scrum practises

Increased flexibility

Lean, people and systems thinking

Bottom-up and top-down participation

Customer-centric development and organisation

Maturity in adoption

Why Choose Enreap?

A global organization that combines efficiency and technical expertise to provide innovative results within the software development lifecycle.


At Enreap, we believe in making your work as easy and manageable as possible. We find the most adept applications suitable for your business to help your teams in sharing and finding relevant knowledge more easily and effectively.


We hold more than 100 certifications and great expertise in Atlassian Data Centre Migration Services. We will use the robust Atlassian suite to secure the best results for you.

Platinum Partner

Our certified Atlassian developers and technical experts will provide assistance with the most basic as well as the most advanced operations alike. They will provide you with the most exclusive Atlassian deployment experience.

Global Trust

Most of the world’s largest corporations have put their faith in our extensive Atlassian program. We will help you in achieving maximum efficiency.

End-to-End Solutions

Our well-versed knowledge and experience will allow us to effectively manage your growing Atlassian cloud with ease. We will ensure that you stay ahead of your competition without compromising on the quality of the operation.

Consulting Approach

We provide comprehensive Atlassian architectures designed just for you. We make sure that these Atlassian infrastructures are tailored specifically for your business, taking care of all your day-to-day needs.

Our Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

Case Study

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A customized ‘6-Step’ cloud migration process to help the entire team at ‘Extra’ become more secure and productive.

Case Study

Revamping ITIL strategies with JSM

Subex – A leading telecom solutions provider revamped their ITIL practices for a better customer satisfaction.

Case Study

Setting up Independent ALM & DevOps

Demerging with Pearson group and setting up an independent ALM & DevOps infrastructure as well as tech support.

Case Study

Increase in Productivity Using Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation of GMobis by moving to Agile Technologies

Case Study

Migration to Atlassian Cloud

Download this Case Study to know how the seamless transition to the new environment ensured no loss of productivity

Case Study

Implementation of JIRA Service Desk

Download this Case Study to know how we Gave Subex management real-time visibility into team productivity

Case Study

Integration of ALM and DevOps

Download this Case Study to know how we implemented Confluence, JIRA Software, Zephyr

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