Agile at Scale with enreap

The ability to adapt rapidly to market and environmental changes in a productive and cost-efficient way. Agile at scale is a method of working—and thinking—that aims to help businesses to transition from inflexible to resilient. Let us become more collaborative, open, innovative, and efficient than previous methods.

Steps to Agile at Scale

Our agile transformation roadmap is a holistic, collaborative, and bionic approach to implementing agile at scale across an organization.

Our Approach to Agile at Scale

Path to agility will assist you in incorporating certain business outcomes such as speed, predictability, and market response. Our Scaled Agile framework flawlessly assists you all by coaching and measuring you on the Agile competencies required to have the most impact.

End-to-End-Solution provided by team enreap

Recognize the beginning point

We do not support the typical traditional technique. Yes, we personalise it! Let's start by determining where your company stands.

enreap's high technical expertise will embellish an agile & a steady pace of overall functioning

Set up and implement the agile pilots

It's now time to catalyse the transformation. Every organisation strives for the best classy set of resources—and support—for all levels of an organisation.

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Adapt the business model

Now that the learnings have been integrated into the operating model, It is now time to fine-tune approaches and provide the groundwork for agile transformation.

effective management of assets

Create an agile playbook

We develop a roadmap for organisational agility—and a route for sustainable change—by building on early projects, personalising best practices to a client's environment and culture, and enabling continuing coaching, workshops, and pulse checks.

Witness the Transformation of
Entrepreneurial Agility

Our Agile Solutions

Let's check our Agile Solutions for your business growth.



Ensure that your enterprise's efforts in Lean-Agile Transformation provide the market-impacting results you expect. We give you a clear path to lead you through the core practices for Agile transformation, as well as a method to assess the effect of that effort on your bigger business goals.

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Whether you are just starting with Agile in one of your teams or growing Agile across your entire organisation. Agility has a lot to offer organisations - project management is three times more successful, quality delivery is greater, and customer happiness is higher.

improve performance with time


Yes, Lean Portfolio management is also on our list. It's time for you to ensure that your company is operating in accordance with business strategy, to improve operational efficiency, and unlock its latent potential. We are here to support you all and advance your business goals, and we have the appropriate strategies.



To maintain a dependable and integrated environment for product development, many major organisations find that alignment of hardware and software operations is essential. The Path to Agility method is outcome-focused rather than practice-driven, emphasising growing agility rather than "doing" Agile things.

Principles for Practising Agile at Scale

Try out our services now and be a part of this agile change! We incorporate best practices to ensure
that quality is maintained at the highest levels.

Organisational Changes

Changes in organisational structure and defined responsibilities

communication improvement

Better communication

agile and scrum

Cadence and agile/scrum practises

Flexibility by agile technologies

Increased flexibility

lean people & system thinking agile solutions

Lean, people and systems thinking

bottom up & top down approaches

Bottom-up and top-down participation

Agile services to be customer centric

Customer-centric development and organisation

maturity in adoption of agile technologies

Maturity in adoption

Why Choose enreap?

enreap holds great technical expertise to provide agile at scale consulting in India. Get the excellent results by starting your agile DevOps journey with us.

enreap will provide you the best possible solutions to make the most out of your on-going operations.

DevOps knowledge

We developed our agility methodology using our DevOps knowledge to improve efficiency and make things simpler than they were previously. Therefore, the moment has come for you to utilise our services and motivate your company's staff to perform at their highest level.

enreap experts will be available to provide you with the most holistic engineering experience.


enreap has experienced an incredible rise in popularity over the past few years thanks to its foundation of openness and trust. Having worked in this field for a long time, we have a thorough understanding of the unique needs of your company and are constantly looking for ways to make our products and services better. Get the 360-degree IT visibility.

enreap is Atlassian Platinum Partner offering Atlassian solutions in India & APAC

Platinum Partner

We have a definite advantage over our competitors because we are Platinum Partners with Atlassian. We work to enhance our planning and task execution because we feel that enhancing the quality of our services is important. Our in-house developers are some of the greatest and most skilled technical experts in the industry and are really recognised by Atlassian.

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Complex Delivery Experience

For us, it's important how consumers see their encounters with us. We have so said goodbye to a difficult delivery and begun using interactive and user-friendly alternatives. We are committed to providing a fantastic delivery experience.

enreap will effectively manage & optimize your growing infrastructure with ease. So you won't face any issues while scaling your business

Enhanced Quality

Quality is our primary concern. We are aware that there are several organisations that may assist in helping your business embrace agile practices. Then, what makes us distinct? Its design improves agility. There won't be many organisational structures that can enhance us in this manner as our work policies and strategies were developed with the best quality.

Customized Consulting by team enreap, tailored specifically for your business needs

Consulting Approach

The partners and officials of renowned businesses are the subjects of numerous interviews and in-depth discussions that form the foundation of our effective counselling. This is a result of our experienced managing consultants as well as the numerous interactions and affiliations we have had with clients from various backgrounds.

Our Success Stories

Our work speaks for itself and we are proud of it.

united electronics

Case Study

Saving Cost and Time with Jira Software

A customized ‘6-Step’ cloud migration process to help the entire team become more secure  and productive.                   


Case Study

Revamping ITIL strategies with JSM

Subex – A leading telecom solutions provider revamped their ITIL practices for a better customer satisfaction.  

Read how enreap helped WSE

Case Study

Setting up Independent ALM & DevOps

Demerging with Pearson group and setting up an independent ALM & DevOps infrastructure as             well as tech support.              

GMobis preview

Case Study

Increase in Productivity Using Digital Transformation

Driving digital transformation of GMobis by moving to Agile Technologies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions that are frequently asked by our clients. If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to contact us.

A flexible mode of thinking known as an agile mentality helps individuals to respond swiftly and adapt to changing circumstances. This set of principles serves as a roadmap for agile teams, helping them to consistently provide high-quality outputs.

Agile businesses are very different from conventional ones. Agile teams divide enormous projects into manageable segments rather than building long-term projects with sequential tasks as the Waterfall framework does.

If you've determined that the Agile methodology is the best strategy for your project, client, and business, get in touch with enreap to determine the present methodology's shortcomings and create a path for scaling agile.

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