7 Questions About Migration from Atlassian Server– Answered Here!

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Atlassian Server has, for a very long time, delivered a range of DevOps and other tools to meet the unique needs of development organizations. By allowing teams to install and run Atlassian tools on their own or third-party server, it provided the level of control needed over their data and infrastructure. Because teams had the freedom of hosting products and scheduling updates based on their requirements, Atlassian Server helped them in meeting their specific needs with great ease.  

However, with cloud becoming so popular, and with Atlassian constantly investing in cloud innovations, the company has recently announced End of Life of Server products. This means, organizations will no longer be able to purchase new server licenses from 2021 and will no longer receive support for their existing licenses from 2024. The only option then is to either migrate to Atlassian Data Center or Atlassian Cloud. 

Most common questions about Atlassian Server migration 

The end of sale announcement that Atlassian has made has caused a lot of furor (and confusion) for organizations that have long been using Server products to manage their software and project tasks. 

 Concerns and questions are natural. So, we’ve made a comprehensive list of answers to some of the top questions you may have:

  • What does end of sale and support mean?

Atlassian’s decision to end the sale of and support for Atlassian Server means from February 2, 2021, Atlassian will no longer sell new Server licenses and from February 2, 2024, it will no longer provide any support for Server products. Existing Server customers can continue to renew licenses and enjoy support and maintenance services only up to three years. It is also important to note that from February 2, 2022, Atlassian will only provide security bug-fixes for critical vulnerabilities until the end of support.

  • Which products does the end of sale apply to?

End of sale will apply to a host of Atlassian Server products. These include: 

  • Jira Software Server 
  • Jira Core Server 
  • Jira Service Desk Server 
  • Confluence Server 
  • Bitbucket Server 
  • Crowd Server 

Come 2021, and organizations will no longer be able to purchase new licenses for the above-mentioned products. Also, since Bamboo Data Center has not yet been available, organizations will be able to purchase new licenses for Bamboo Server for the time being.  

  • Should we move to Atlassian Data Center?

Although the main reason for discontinuing Server products is the pace of cloud adoption, Atlassian understands that not everyone is ready for the cloud yet. If you are such an organization, you have the option of migrating your Server products to the Data Center. You can refer to Atlassian’s self-guided migration guides to plan your migration based on your requirements and move to the Data Center with adequate planning. 

  • Why does Atlassian recommend moving to Atlassian Cloud?

Cloud’s benefits spanning streamlined administration, instant scalability, and quicker time to value are too good to ignore. Many organizations that are on the road to digital transformation look to embrace the cloud to drive improved value. In fact, according to Atlassian, about 90% of customers today opt for Atlassian Cloud products. Not only small companies but even the large enterprises are choosing to move to the cloud for the many benefits it offers.

 Given the pace of adoption and the long-term promises, Atlassian is working towards enhancing cloud capabilities across developing new platforms, introducing flexible plans, and investing in cloud tools – and thus recommends migrating to the cloud. 

  • What happens to the existing apps and plugins?

Organizations with existing Server app licenses can purchase new Marketplace apps until February 2, 2023, and can continue to use existing and receive support until end of support date. These apps will, however, reach the end of support from February 2, 2024. For those who don’t have existing app licenses, from February 2, 2021, they can no longer purchase any Server apps. These apps can only be available if organizations move to the Data Center or the Cloud. 

 Although not all your apps might right away be available on the Data Center or Cloud, Atlassian is working towards introducing them as soon as possible. You also have the option to request a refund or exchange of server app license up to 30 days after the original date of purchase.

 Thankfully, with Server End of Sale, Atlassian is including several built-in apps with a new Data Center subscription including: 

Organizations that have developed custom apps for Atlassian Server will need to either find an alternative option for those apps or will need to replicate those for Data Center or Cloud. Talk to your Atlassian implementation partner on guidance on this. 

  • Are there discounts/ refunds available if we move to Atlassian Cloud or Data Center immediately?

Atlassian understands the importance (and urgency) of moving to the Data Center or Cloud; therefore, it offers several discounts and incentives. 

 For Data Center, these include: 

  • The benefit of Data Center loyalty discount that includes multi-year discounts on Data Center subscriptions, so you can ease the transition. 

For Cloud, these include: 

  • Access to the Atlassian Migration Program, so you can get step-by-step guidance across resources, tools, offers, and support.
  • Free cloud migration trials, so you can explore your cloud options with greater ease and efficiency. 
  • Access to the Cloud Trust Center, so you can find answers to concerns regarding security, privacy, and reliability in Atlassian Cloud.


  • Is migration to Atlassian Data Center or Atlassian Cloud complex? 

Any migration project is certainly a complex undertaking. But given the number of resources, guides, and support Atlassian is offering, your path to migration is sure to be smooth and seamless. To get the most out of the migration, it is also a good idea to engage with a qualified migration partner who has the knowledge, expertise, and experience in ensuring a successful and timely migration. 

 Keeping up with the pace of technology development has become a core business prerogative. Atlassian, through its Server End of Life, is all set to end an era. To transition from Server easy for organizations, several investments are being made in Data Center and Cloud products to match the pace of innovation. 

With not much time left, now is the time to start planning your migration: understand the benefits of Data Center and Cloud, assess what model will be best suited for your organization, and leverage all the guides, resources, and discounts Atlassian is offering to make the migration easy and seamless for you! 

Are you ready for this new, cloud-centric era?