Why We Call Ourselves an ‘Employee-Centric’ Workplace

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The pandemic has altered the nature of workplace operations and the demands of modern employees. According to a PWC survey, over 56% of employees are having financial difficulties, which causes a variety of issues like mental stress and poor productivity. According to another report, more than 42% of workers have said that there have been more mental health problems since the pandemic.


Companies are tackling these issues; strategies are in place, but what is really required is somewhere in the organizational culture.


What exactly it means to be an employee-centric workplace

Employees respond differently to mental stress and absenteeism at work when their workplace is employee-centric rather than client-centric.


What does it actually mean to have an employee-centric workplace, then?


Well, the right culture holds the answer. The management, leaders, and managers have a significant impact on how the workplace culture is created and fostered. An organization that values its workers makes investments in improving its resources. This may appear in the form of improved technology, strong feedback loops, and more. The best productivity and lowest absenteeism rates are attained by businesses that expand alongside their staff members.


An employer-focused environment has unmatched advantages over others. It includes, but is not limited to, high levels of customer satisfaction, boosted output, decreased employee turnover, and motivated staff, among other things. Being an organization that values its employees, an employee-centric organization benefits from higher ROI. It’s the ideal situation because it improves operational quality while also making great first impressions and speaking well of the brand.


enreap: An Employee-centric Workplace

Several factors contribute to making enreap an employee-centric workplace. Here are a few of them – 


Passionate Leaders

Every company develops into a great employee-centric organization as a result of its leaders and the part they play in instilling a great culture. At enreap, managers take the initiative to motivate staff members to keep up with their excellent work, while removing obstacles. The role of leaders is to make sure that each team member gets opportunities as per their passions, which further promotes excellent team cohesion and better inputs. Our leaders diligently respond to team member feedback and provide a more secure environment away from home.


Structured Performance Evaluation

enreap uses a structured, employee-driven performance evaluation process. Each team member identifies their four core responsibilities, which correspond to their KRA and KPI. Then, their performance is assessed using this, and suggestions are provided based on the areas of improvement. This gives the people at enreap more autonomy and freedom to choose their primary responsibilities and what to expect from their evaluation meetings. We provide a fair opportunity to reward the appropriate people without bias, thanks to our transparent rewards strategy. After all, showing appreciation when it is due greatly contributes to nurturing a nice environment.


Fun to Work

For us, having fun at work means setting aside time from our regular tasks to socialize with one another. We celebrate festivals, have potluck lunches, and participate in theme lunches. This makes sure that our relationships extend beyond the office, enabling everyone to socialize outside of board meetings as well. We aim to improve employee satisfaction at work with these initiatives.


Strict No to Micromanagement

Micromanagement can stifle innovation and is undesirable in any organization. At enreap, leaders give employees plenty of chances to develop naturally. Only in the absence of micromanagement can one experience this feeling of freedom. Working for a company that puts its employees first adds a sense of purpose and encourages authenticity among the staff. We use a human-centered strategy to achieve the best results while maintaining the caliber of the work we produce. Without restrictions on login and logout, we have observed a fantastic accountability mechanism that has begun setting down deeper roots within each team.


Unrestricted Brainstorming

The key to having an organization that values its employees is giving everyone a voice so they can express their opinions without fear. At enreap, we encourage and value unrestricted brainstorming, where we blur the lines between roles and pay close attention to everyone’s insightful comments and inquiries. Giving employees the freedom to work as they see fit and contribute without fear of judgment is the first step in ensuring their safety at work. Our Chai Pe Charcha town hall meetings are planned so that the people can interact with the leaders, be in the loop on major decisions, and be recognized, all in the spirit of having a transparent operational management system.


Transparency and Support

At enreap, we take great pride in meeting the physical, mental, and emotional needs of our employees. To enhance and broaden our employees’ well-being, we put strategic initiatives into action. Additionally, our personal development plans give our employees the freedom to enroll in technical upgradation courses, providing an unrivaled opportunity for personal development. The entire organization is aware of our vision and mission, and we all collaborate to meet expectations while keeping the same goal in mind.


Given that a diverse population is entering the workforce and has different expectations for their workplaces, it is imperative for businesses to become employee-centric. At enreap, we have invested a lot of time in putting the ideal strategy and personnel in place to ensure the legacy is carried on. 


At enreap, we value our employees and their well-being.


Want to work in such a thriving environment, get in touch with us or explore current openings at enreap.