How To Optimize Your Atlassian Data Center for Performance?

Jira has become an integral part of software development teams, helping organizations fuel better collaboration and enable better project management. In addition, the solution is also being embraced by a wide variety of other departments, including HR, marketing, finance, and legal — helping them meet their unique needs and requirements. 


But the challenges in scaling the Jira software instance often take up a lot of time and effort. Read on as we’ve put together a list of recommendations that can help you deal with the scalability issues of Jira and the potential improvements you can make to optimize your Atlassian Data Center for performance. 


The Challenges of a Growing Jira Software Instance

Jira helps break down department and team silos and improve collaboration and teamwork. The many benefits of the software have led to its widespread adoption. But this growth in adoption directly translates into more users, data, and customization requests – which often take a toll on scalability.


Since every small instance of Jira tends to expand across the enterprise and spread like wildfire, today, many Atlassian customers across the world are facing several challenges scaling their Jira software instance. 


Dealing with an instance (or multiple instances) of Jira that has grown to a massive scale makes the administration of the software (and the underlying hardware) a full-time job. As usage increases, the administrative tasks required to maintain performance also increase. 


This is why admins worldwide are increasingly finding it challenging to strike the right balance between autonomy and governance while also struggling to ensure optimal hardware performance. 


Since the risk of performance issues and downtime is extremely high, admin teams need to have a deep understanding of the factors that could affect the scaling journey and curate a plan to mitigate challenges with confidence. 


Since every Jira instance is constantly scaling – although at different speeds – admins need to be aware of the key reasons and drivers for this growth. Such insight can help them build a robust plan and proactively manage Jira’s scalability in the right way. 


A highly available, high-performing instance of Jira can improve user experience and enable the organization to more easily and effectively achieve its goals and objectives. 

How Atlassian’s Data Center Deployment Option Comes to the Rescue

Keeping up with the demands of this mission-critical application is compelling organizations to seek a solution that not only grows with the organization but also makes life easier. Atlassian Data Center enables organizations of all sizes to capitalize on benefits across high availability, performance, disaster recovery, and scalability. Offering advanced auditing and enterprise user management features, the Data Center makes staying secure and compliant a cakewalk. 


Moreover, support for CDNs, clustering, project archiving, etc., minimizes the chances of downtime while allowing organizations to grow without issues. Offering detailed insight into the impact of different tools further helps them improve performance and effectiveness – while driving high productivity levels. 


When it comes to overcoming the scalability issues of Jira, Atlassian’s Data Center deployment option facilitates organizations with a stable and scalable platform to combat these growing pains.


1. Makes Scaling Jira Software Easy

Atlassian Data Center enables admins to manage users and objects effectively. For organizations that cannot restrict the uncontrolled scaling of their Jira instance, Atlassian also helps reduce resource consumption. The rate-limiting feature helps restrict REST API calls that consume too much CPU, while the cluster monitoring capability allows for the automatic killing of stale nodes. 


2. Ensures High Availability and Active-Active Clustering

The clustered architecture of the Atlassian Data Center paves the way for the high availability of every Jira instance. Despite any outage – planned or unplanned – the Jira instance remains up and running, thus improving resilience and minimizing the risk of downtime. 


In addition, through continuous monitoring, Atlassian Data Center helps in the continued integrity and optimization of the Jira application. Such regular monitoring helps in identifying performance bottlenecks in time while helping organizations prepare for reconfiguration or hardware upgrades – thus ensuring high availability.


3. Enables Zero Downtime Upgrades with Jira Software Data Center

The Jira Software Data Center Environment enables admins to instantly react to performance bottlenecks. Instead of constantly adjusting the settings for the server being used, admins can add additional nodes instantly – thus extending overall resource capacity without affecting user downtime. Such allocation of additional resources means you can apply new settings or upgrade your Jira instance without any downtime or impact on performance. 


4. Improves Version Upgrade Procedures

Atlassian helps organizations upgrade to the latest version or a long-term support release, so they can get automatic access to the newest features, latest fixes, and the most stable release. Using the latest versions of your application servers and Java runtime environments means you can leverage all the new capabilities of an instance that is better optimized for performance. 


5. Better Leverages the Benefits of Cloud Computing

Atlassian Data Center also makes it easy for organizations to host their infrastructure on the cloud with one-click deployments. Cloud environments ensure not only high availability at an infrastructure level, but also enable easy cloning of the production environment. Using IaaS, you can enjoy a seamless Data Center deployment in the cloud and create your system based on your unique requirements. 


Wrapping Up

As organizations struggle to scale their Jira instance, the self-hosted Data Center deployment option allows them to meet the growing needs of their teams – without any bottlenecks. 


With Atlassian Data Center, they can grow their hardware to meet the requirements of teams of any size and maintain performance and response times – regardless of the number of users, issues, projects, or custom fields. 


Atlassian Data Center also allows organizations to upgrade their Jira software application without the downtime and quickly deploy it in public clouds. 


Migrate to Atlassian Data Center today and make the most of the benefits such as consistent performance, admin control, high availability, and flexibility.