Frequently Asked Questions about rebranding of Addteq APAC to enreap

  1. What is our new name?


  1. What does the new name mean?

The name is derived from two powerful components, “en” and “reap”. “en” signifies an association that envisions, enhances, enables, energizes, and improves the adjoining part, and “reap” signifies the business value realization for our customers. enreap means: “To Lead.”

  1. Why has the company changed its brand name?

The last couple of years have been fantastic for us. We experienced 35%+ YoY growth, more than doubled the headcount, formed new partnerships, and launched new service offerings. We are now working with large-scale enterprises on their transformation initiatives and also helping them set up Offshore Development Centers. 

We realized that it was time for us to adopt a new name that reflects our sharper strategic focus to be a global leader in ALM, DevOps and Digital Services. 

  1. Has the company name changed?

No, the company’s legal name has not changed, only the brand name has changed to enreap.  

  1. What will be the new website URL?
  1. What is the company’s address?

Addteq Software India Pvt.Ltd. Office No 705, Marisoft IT Park III, 7th Floor, Marigold Complex, EFC Business Centre, Pune-411014

  1. Does the change to the new brand name mean the company’s legal name has also changed?

No, The legal name of all “Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd” remains unchanged.

  1. Has the ownership structure of “Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd” changed?

No, the ownership structure of “Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd” remains unchanged. 

  1. Do the employees of the renamed company have new email addresses? If so, what is the new address?

Yes, the e-mail addresses of all the employees have been transferred to a new system. They will look like this [email protected] For Example: [email protected]

  1. Does the rebranding have any impact on existing agreements or contracts?

No. All contracts concluded under the former brand name of Addteq APAC will remain unchanged under the new name of enreap.

Only the brand name is changing and no change in the legal entity therefore there is no impact on existing contracts. 

  1. What needs to be taken into account with regard to invoicing?

The billing address and entity will remain the same as “Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd”. Only the brand name has changed to enreap.

  1. Does the new name mean new bank details?

The bank details remain unchanged.

  1. Does the new name mean a new GSTIN number or a new commercial register number?

No, neither the GSTIN number nor the commercial register number has changed.

  1. Do you need to update your existing NDA or PO and MSA (Master service agreement)?

No, your current NDA, PO and MSA are valid and legally binding. On your next project, we will sign a new NDA using the name enreap.

  1. Will the new brand impact the company’s and client’s tax process?

No, It does not change tax status or tax process. The invoicing will continue to happen in the name of Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd.

  1. Do we need to update the old PO or invoices? 

No. Old invoices or PO’s need not be changed as there are no changes in Bank details, Entity details or tax ID’s.

  1. Can we still connect with you on social media?

Of course! You will just notice the name and logo changes on our social media channels. 

  1. Will this impact our product/service or offering?

We will continue to offer the existing range of products and services. We are committed to expand our portfolio to address the evolving needs of our customers. 

  1. Do we need to make any changes to vendor registration documents?

No, all the documents registered with ”Addteq Software India Pvt Ltd” will remain the same.

  1. Who should I contact for further clarification?

You can drop an email to [email protected] for any queries.