Career Pathing at enreap

Career advancement and growth opportunities are two of the most common demands of employees from the workplace. It becomes all too easy for organizations to lose great talent when they do not create growth pathways for their workforce. With career development becoming an essential driver of employee engagement and loyalty, it makes sense to have robust career pathing initiatives in place.

However, most career pathing initiatives can be tenure-based. Talent has to complete a number of years to move ahead in their professional careers. It is also often challenging to move departments and the educational background determines the kind of growth opportunities you get. However, when organizations become flexible and intentional in driving employee success, they are almost always rewarded with greater engagement and lower attrition.

Career pathing at enreap has always been an intentional activity. We take great pride in our workforce and believe that we must be the enablers of their success. The flexibility of choosing and changing career paths, creating opportunities for employees, and delivering the tools, resources, and enablement to move into new roles and succeed in them are a given in our organization.

We not only offer dedicated training and learning and development programs but also ensure regular check-ins with our employees regarding their career plans. This is not an annual or end-of-year conversation with them but rather an ongoing one. Our leadership and managers are intentionally invested in fostering employee development and are engaged with their team members at the most granular level to create pathways for success.

Don’t believe what we say. Hear it right from our people – their stories, in their own words

Yukti Narrates Her Story of Fast-Tracked Growth at enreap 

I was placed through my campus at enreap back in 2017. I joined as a sales trainee with great aspirations and great excitement as I stepped into the corporate world. My first six months as a sales trainee were full of learning and great fun.

The work culture at enreap is focused on enabling people. While I was a complete newbie and needed support and guidance at multiple points, I never felt judged or worried about help-seeking. My managers from the beginning of my journey at enreap were always extremely empathetic and provided continuous, non-judgmental support for the smallest of things.

I couldn’t have asked for a smoother induction and found myself blending seamlessly into the enreap family. However, as a newbie, I knew that I had a lot to learn to progress in the corporate way of life. While I could communicate with my peers, it was seniors and leadership where I felt I needed to become more confident. My managers caught a whiff of my quandy and immediately started working with me. During my lunch breaks, we would work on improving my cross-functional team communication. He spoke to me at the most granular level without making me feel judged or incompetent. From helping me understand how to draft impactful emails to improving my time to respond, we worked on every aspect that I was not confident about and within no time I was communicating with confidence with people at a higher level.

After the completion of my six-month probationary period, I was expecting to be confirmed at the company. To my surprise along with the confirmation came the news of a promotion to the role of sales executive. This again came with a new set of requirements. Since salespeople are the face of the company, I needed to elevate my client communication skills. It also demanded that I elevate my knowledge and brush up on my skill sets.

Thankfully, my organization and managers were ahead of me in planning my success. I was offered Jira software and JSM certifications. I got all the help from the cross-functional delivery side. My manager handheld me and taught me how the small stuff – how you write emails, the time to respond, manage commitments and ensure clear communication, etc. and the discipline needed to be a successful salesperson was all delivered to me.

Within the next 1.5 years, I got promoted to the role of Customer Success Manager. I started handling enterprise customers from mid-level customers and working as a key account manager for the top 15 accounts. Along with this, I also got the opportunity to build my own team! April 2021 found me in a new role again. I was promoted to the role of Sales Manager with a team under me and managed to hit all my targets. I was a part of the Emerging Leadership Program where I learned about handling conflicts and managing teams effectively. My manager was constantly by my side, handholding me to be better, become a better manager, and succeed in my career.

I credit this fast-tracked career to the people at enreap. My managers identified my potential and gave me the support and guidance to overcome any barrier to my success. Tenure did not stop them from promoting me and at every step, my work has been rewarded.

Raheel Shares his Experience of Taking up Critical Roles and Responsibilities 

When I joined enreap as an account executive, I was coming from the manufacturing industry. Moving to the IT industry was not an easy one. My first year was a steep learning curve where I needed to unlearn several things, re-learn certain things, and also learn new things, especially since I was working in operations.

I got all the support that I needed to learn the ropes and become excellent at my job. At the end of the year, I felt like I had been a part of the IT industry since the beginning of my career!

One of the reasons why I moved to IT was for career growth and enreap did not fail to deliver! I secured a promotion and was made responsible for setting up our Singapore entity. The entire responsibility of the setup, from operation to execution, was entrusted to me. I couldn’t believe my luck but also couldn’t help being nervous to shoulder such a big responsibility.

My manager then encouraged me to take up a certification in law. The company funded my certification expense and helped me prepare for this new role. Since banking, cash flow, and P & L for SEA and MENA markets were a part of my responsibility now, taking up this degree made good sense. With the right certification and continuous guidance from my managers and leadership, the Singapore entity was set up smoothly and I managed to complete the financial closure successfully, without any issues.

In my tenure at enreap I have always felt that the company, leadership, and managers are aligned and invested in driving the employee’s career success. I feel fortunate that I got this supportive and enabling environment when I moved from manufacturing to IT and that this organization placed immense faith in my capabilities.

Srikant’s Journey from Sales Exec to Techno-Sales Manager 

Sales jobs in a tech company are specialized roles and demand the right soft skills be complemented with the right educational background. So, when I joined enreap as a sales executive having done my B. Tech, I was under the impression that moving up the ladder will take me some time. I could not have been more wrong.

Within six months of joining, I was promoted as Assistant Sales Manager and soon after found myself as Sales Manager. Apart from the responsibility of sales, I was also handling the delivery management of a few projects, along with managing the pre-sales function. Overseas opportunities came my way, and I was sent to Singapore to manage the overall business development, delivery, and pre-sales for the region.

I truly feel indebted to enreap for all the opportunities created for me. I was given the right guidance and support to do well in my job. The organization and my managers identified the training that I needed to develop my technical expertise to lead in these demanding and customer-facing job roles. 

The organization did not see my B.Tech degree as a reason to keep me stagnant in a low-level position. They instead, helped me gain all the certifications needed to move and succeed in techno-sales. Most importantly, I received very objective, proactive feedback that helped me navigate my career path with greater surety and confidence.

Growth at enreap 

We believe in creating a non-judgmental and supportive environment for our workforce where they can ask for help for the smallest of things. Our managers have groomed our employees and helped them navigate personal barriers and limiting beliefs by simply being there, offering to help out in the smallest of things, and helping our people believe that when they put their minds to it, the sky is indeed the limit.

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