AWS DevOps Tools You Need to Know About

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For organizations looking to deliver applications and services at high velocity, evolving and improving application delivery processes using DevOps is a great way to better serve customers and compete more effectively in the market. AWS understands the significance of DevOps and offers a plethora of modern tools that make it easy for organizations to embark on the DevOps journey, build high-quality products, and drive excellence. 

 Read on as we throw light on the top AWS DevOps tools you need to know about. 


What makes AWS the perfect choice for DevOps 

As a modern cloud platform, AWS provides a huge set of flexible tools and services to help DevOps teams build and deliver applications rapidly and reliably. By simplifying the provisioning and managing of complex infrastructure, AWS brings a lot to the table: it helps quicken the deployment of code, automate the software release process, and monitor application and infrastructure performance.


So, what makes AWS the perfect choice for DevOps? 

  •       Quick start: Teams that embrace AWS for DevOps can get started quickly. All they need is an AWS account, and they can begin leveraging all the DevOps capabilities – without any setup or software installation. 
  •       Easily programmable: All the tools and services that AWS offers for DevOps are easily programmable. Teams can either use each service via the AWS Command Line Interface, through APIs and SDKs, or model resources using AWS CloudFormation templates.
  •       Seamless automation: Automation lies at the heart of AWS DevOps tools, allowing teams to eliminate manual tasks across developing, testing, and deployment, and build products faster and more efficiently. 
  •       Top-notch security: AWS is synonymous with security; so, teams that embrace AWS can choose from a range of AWS Identity and Access Management policies to set user permissions and improve governance and control. 
  •       Fully managed: Being a fully-managed service, DevOps teams have no administrative tasks to worry about – everything from setup and installation to monitoring and management is taken care of.  
  •       Optimized costs: Opting for AWS across the DevOps lifecycle can also bring down development costs by a large margin. Teams only have to pay for the tools and services they use – there are no upfront investments, maintenance costs, or complex contracts involved. 

Top AWS DevOps tools

Teams that want to streamline and simplify their DevOps processes can choose from an array of AWS tools and capabilities across the CI/CD pipeline. 


Let’s look at the top AWS DevOps tools that can help teams automate manual tasks, manage complex environments at scale, and enable high velocity: 

  •     CI/CD tools offered by AWS help in building a robust continuous delivery pipeline and include 

o   AWS CodePipeline automatically builds, tests, and deploys code every time there is a code change.

o   AWS CodeBuild offers a fully managed build service to combine source code and run, test, and deliver ready-to-deploy software packages. 

o   AWS CodeDeploy automates complex code deployments, making it easier for teams to release new features and update applications – without downtime. 

o   AWS CodeStar helps teams quickly develop, build, and deploy applications using a single interface and streamlines project management.


  •     Microservices tools offered by AWS are perfect for teams looking to build products using containers and serverless computing 

o   Amazon Elastic Container Service offers highly scalable container capabilities, allowing teams to run applications on managed AWS clusters.

o   AWS Lambda enables teams to run and scale code – without spending time or effort in provisioning and managing complex servers. 


  •     IaC tools simplify the management and provisioning of infrastructure, paving the way for continuous and reliable delivery of software 

o   AWS CloudFormation offers an easy way to create and manage DevOps resources as well as provision and update them. 

o   AWS OpsWorks automates the process of server configuration, deployment, and management across EC2 instances while simplifying tasks across compliance, security, and continuous deployment.

o   AWS Systems Manager helps teams maintain compliance by automatically collecting software inventory, applying OS patches, creating system images, and configuring Windows and Linux operating systems.

o   AWS Config, a fully managed service, provides DevOps teams with an AWS resource inventory with configuration history and configuration change notifications for high levels of security and governance.


  •     Monitoring tools offered by AWS make the process of infrastructure management and record logging simple

o   Amazon CloudWatch offers a simple way to collect and track metrics, monitor log files, set alarms, and react to changes in AWS resources.

o   AWS X-Ray allows DevOps teams to quickly analyze and debug applications through detailed troubleshooting, especially those built using a microservices architecture. 

o   AWS CloudTrail allows teams to track user activity and API usage, thus strengthening security and compliance posture through appropriate remediation. 

o   Amazon DevOps Guru allows teams to leverage ML capabilities to improve the performance and availability of applications and take proactive action – before issues impact user experience. 


  •     PaaS tools by AWS make it easy for teams to deploy applications – without having to provision and manage complex infrastructure and application stacks 

o   AWS Elastic Beanstalk allows teams to upload code and have the tool automatically handle capacity provisioning, load balancing, auto-scaling, and application health monitoring. 


  •     Version Control tools help DevOps teams manage source code changes by getting updates on all modifications in real-time 

o   AWS CodeCommit, a fully managed version control service, enables DevOps teams to host secure and highly scalable private Git repositories: from source code to binaries. 


Whether you are looking to get started on your DevOps journey or want to strengthen your existing workflows, embracing AWS best practices and the right AWS DevOps tools can make your DevOps project a roaring success. 


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