Atlassian’s Commitment to the Cloud – Why it is Good News for Enterprises

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In today’s digital transformation era, the rate at which organizations, big and small, are embracing the cloud is fast escalating. 

Reports expect public cloud infrastructure to grow 35% to $120 billion in 2021. Given the many benefits cloud brings with its resilient, flexible, and scalable infrastructure, several organizations are now bidding adieu to their traditional and rigid on-premises infrastructure. 

 Atlassian, with its Server EOL announcement, is leading the path to become a cloud-first organization, and focusing on the bigger vision of empowering enterprises to move to the cloud. 

Atlassian’s Commitment to Cloud 

Being a pioneer in the Software Delivery space, Atlassian has always been the front-runner in embracing new technological innovations.  

The commitment to cloud has been a top priority for Atlassian. Their relentless focus on cloud has helped organizations across the DevOps world simplify their day-to-day tasks and streamline the way they operate. With 90% of organizations now embracing Atlassian Cloud products, here’s looking at some ways in which Atlassian is constantly investing in cloud technology:  

• Built for Remote Teams: From the very beginning, Atlassian has allowed its employees to work remotely. The products the company builds are a result of what its employees seek and desire. All along, Atlassian has built products for enterprises based on their own experience. What Atlassian employees want is what the company builds for its customers as well – products for the future of work. 

• Integrations Galore: Although Atlassian’s products have always offered seamless integration with an array of Atlassian and third-party tools, it is now expanding these integrations to fit a whole new set of applications. Today, Atlassian’s newer integrations support Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS) for SSO, Google Cloud Identity for SSO and user provisioning, and more. 

• Focus on Security: With the cloud becoming so necessary for organizations to ensure relevance and drive excellence, Atlassian is constantly driving a greater focus on cloud security. Today, the company is making several strides in strengthening its security posture: right from staying ahead of the latest regulatory and security requirements to performing rigorous security testing across threat-modeling, automated scanning, and third-party audits. 

• Atlassian Cloud Roadmap: Atlassian understands the concerns and apprehensions enterprises may have about making the big move to the cloud. To ease things out for them, the company constantly works towards building (and revising) its Cloud roadmap. This robust roadmap is constantly updated with the latest features being built in the cloud, so organizations can always be aware of what’s in store. 

• Cloud Freebies: For organizations that need a little nudge to migrate to the cloud, Atlassian offers a world of exciting and tempting freebies. From free cloud trials to cloud migration resources, cost calculators to migration assistants, free tools to technical documentation – Atlassian considers moving to cloud a team sport between Atlassian, Solution Partners, and its customers and provides the required support to ensure the move is successful. 

• New Plans: Given the fact that no two companies have the same cloud requirements, Atlassian constantly works towards introducing flexible plans that fit the different needs of different organizations. Atlassian’s newer plans like Cloud Premium and Cloud Enterprise are regularly updated with new and improved features, so teams can work flexibly and innovate quickly. 

Why this is good news for enterprises 

Over the years, Atlassian has amplified the efforts it is driving towards developing its cloud products. For organizations considering moving to the cloud, such commitment and focus is good news! 

• Given that the cloud is the future, Atlassian’s continuous efforts and investments in cloud technology means organizations will always be armed with the latest and best innovations in the cloud. Using Atlassian Cloud, organizations can adapt to change, accelerate time to market, and reduce costs. They can also maximize IT ROI while creating new efficiencies and improving team productivity.

• Atlassian’s efforts towards everything cloud means organizations can expect newer features getting added regularly. Embracing the cloud means organizations can focus on their core business and not worry about keeping an eye on the latest cloud trend or development. Atlassian’s non-stop effort towards cloud advancement can allow organizations to reduce the time spent on repetitive tasks, enhance integrations, and power seamless workflows across teams. 

• Atlassian’s focus on the cloud also paves the way for a richer app ecosystem, with newer apps solving newer challenges constantly getting added to the Atlassian marketplace. The latest investments are directed towards building collaboration apps, partnering with new cloud solution partners, and developing best-of-breed apps with strong integrations. 

• Atlassian also understands the security concerns enterprises have whilst moving to the cloud. Therefore, the company works towards integrating security into the fabric of its cloud ecosystem, and ensure enterprises get greater agility and flexibility – without worrying about security. In the long run, this is sure to result in improved innovation and costs saving as well as higher productivity and employee engagement. 

Cloud offers a gamut of flexibility, reliability, and scalability benefits. It is no surprise that Gartner estimates that by 2025, 80% of all enterprises will migrate entirely away from on-premises servers and data centers 

With the many advancements being made towards the cloud in general, and with Atlassian’s deep focus on all things cloud, now is a good time for organizations to migrate to the cloud.