Atlassian Cloud – Trust and Security


Phishing, malvertising, spam, trojans, ransomware, and information stealers are on the rise. When it comes to security, deciding where to dedicate resources is vital. It’s critical to know what security issues are most likely to crop up within your organization and their potential impacts. The challenge is that the most active threats change over time as the prevalence of different attacks ebb and flow.

Learn how we will help you maintain control of your environment by choosing the right Atlassian cloud security tools with this introductory webinar. You will discover how to track changes, monitor compliance, and keep an audit record of API requests.

Watch this webinar to know:

  • Get a brief introduction on Atlassian Cloud and Atlassian Cloud Security
  • Know how you can unleash the maximum potential of your team and thrive on success with Atlassian Cloud while being secure?
  • How we ensure the security of your apps?

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