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Migration from Server to Data Center -
Creating Uniformity & Streamline Working

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Xperi Holding Corporation licenses technology and intellectual property in areas such as mobile computing, communications, memory and data storage, and three-dimensional integrated circuit (3D IC) technologies, among others. The company has expanded business through the formation of Invensas, an innovator in next-generation semiconductor and packaging technologies. On December 19, 2019, Xperi and TiVo Corporation announced their intent to merge. The surviving entity operates under the Xperi Holding Corporation name, and became one of the largest licensing companies in the world which was completed on June 1, 2020.


Consolidation of data from all
the 3 instances into a single instance

Standardized planning & collaboration practices

Version upgrades to ensure all Confluence instances use the same version.

enreap experts executed migration from Server to Data Center with Zero Downtime and helped Xperi increase cross functional efficiency and collaboration with single source across geographies


Zero Downtime during Business Hour

Streamlined working

Cross functional efficiency across geographies

The Solution

enreap took a holistic approach towards the challenges faced by Xperi and possible business impact to draw out the solution. The focus was not just on migration but the way Xperi could drive best output by standardization across the organization.

We analyzed all the 3 Confluence instances and designed the entire Data Center migration roadmap for the unification of the same.

We built a multiple hop strategy to bring up and merge the old versions with the latest ones.

Considering wider usage of the instance (3000 users globally), appropriate configurations were tuned and documentation of the system was also performed to support Xperi operations and meet performance needs.

The standardization of all the spaces used on the Confluence instance was recommended by enreap that was agreed and signed off.

Value Delivered

The Migration to single source from Server to DC was achieved with Zero Downtime during Business Hour. With the standardization in configuration the Team experienced uniformity across leading to streamlined working. Cross functional efficiency across geographies increased with better communication and collaboration with single source.

Improved cross-functional and cross-regional collaboration efficiency.

Uniformity across multiple teams with a standardized Confluence instance.

Centralized source of truth and documentations for effective planning and collaboration.

Easier maintenance of integration with third-party applications.

Consistent user and privilege management.

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