Santander Case Study

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Read how Santander achieved business agility through Planview portfolios


80% Rise in Resource Utilization

25% Quicker Decisions

Better-informed Reallocations
of Investment Budget


More agility as an enterprise, and that would allow to connect strategy to delivery, add transparency, and simplify processes day-to-day

To accelerate decision making, simplify governance, improve resource management and capacity planning.

Optimize investment portfolio performance and tracking.

The Solution

Santander UK started to design an ecosystem at a very high level using Planview Portfolios. They began transitioning from different companies working independently to integrating business with IT processes and KPIs under a single operating model.

This transformation included incorporating Agile processes and other work methodologies into its traditional project portfolio management (PPM) processes to help speed delivery of new products and services.

They began to use reporting that was based on Planview Enterprise One’s Power BI capability that could help to bring every different layer of the organization into understanding what decisions they are making and what are the impacts.

Their stakeholders can actively drill into and analyze key data points during a given conversation or meeting.

In three months, their team was able to replace their former PPM Model.

Value Delivered

A quantifiable partnership with Planview resulted in improved efficiency and sustainable growth for Santander UK.

Making the most out of the Planview Portfolios solution has resulted in a jaw-dropping 6.5 million hours of time recorded in the system yearly, the planning and tracking of over 500 business initiatives – structured into 2,500 pieces of work, and more than 4,000 users across five companies who interact with Planview in one way or another.

Looking more broadly at the business outcomes, Santander UK has experienced a remarkable rise in resource utilization – up to 80%, better-informed reallocations of investment budget, and 25% quicker decisions.

While micro and macroeconomic challenges persist, the delivery of Santander UK’s multi-year transformation to a simpler and more agile organization – powered by Planview Enterprise One – fostered confidence in their ability to succeed through a relentless focus on continually improving efficiency and competitiveness

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