Subex is a leading telecom solutions provider for 75% of the world’s top 50 telcos. In business since 1992, the company has been an active contributor to the mobile technology revolution. The company consults global telecom giants to deliver operational excellence and business transformation by driving new revenue models, enhancing customer experience, and optimizing enterprise business processes. Subex has over 300 installations across 70 countries. Subex supports 90% of these customers through AMCs or Managed Services. The AMC terms are highly customized and could vary significantly based on geography, products, timelines, and SLAs.

The support operations infrastructure of Subex was falling short on the following fronts

  • The existing set of tools were unable to offer visibility of the workload of individuals and teams
  • The lack of a streamlined process prevented teams from understanding the required SLAs, and therefore, the SLAs adherence was low
  • The team’s efforts were not being time-logged – stakeholders had no visibility into how efforts translated into results
  • The management had limited visibility into the status of ongoing projects
  • Since the process was manual, the support tickets were assigned without taking into consideration the agent’s experience or product knowledge and the escalation criteria

Download this Case Study to know:

  • How Subex witnessed a surge in productivity through automation
  • How Customized dashboards enabled Subex support team in better ticket prioritization and more structured delivery
  • How we Gave Subex management real-time visibility into team productivity and the capability to help them plan better
  • How the self-service facility and customized reports helped in reducing the Turn-Around Time